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2019 - CHARNWOOD league - No1 - 15th September

At last the Charnwood league has started and praise needs to be given to the three who started this new concept of river and canal teams; Paul Greensmith , Stu Timson of Bennetts Tackle and Scott Johnson of Soar Tackle . I and others arrived after invites to this league which is dedicated to Leicestershire tackle shops , Leicestershire angling clubs and surrounding counties fishing clubs . The ethos of the 'Charnwood' is to make the league fair , close as possible to the HQ and as safe as possible with the pegging . Enjoyment is another factor as the fun needs to be put back into our sport . We also wanted to spread the money allocation so was devised a split river and Canal with 1st 2nd and 3rd for every river and canal plus 4 section 1st and 4 section 2nd in each river and canal .
Also ,  to create a league you need dedication and hard work and nothing more working harder than Stu Timson and his lads gouging their way through the suffocating Penny wart that plagues the River Soar system and also complimenting this with dug out pegs to the best of their abilities . I have been out on a few work party days with Stu and believe you me its tough work getting through it - a massive thanks to them .

The day started with meeting at the BARROW TOWN FC for breakfast cobs and tea/coffee . The air of expectancy at the conception of this league start was exciting as finally it came to the captains draw from pre-selected peg envelopes completed at the Bennetts tackle shop the night before.

The Canal men went of to the two Moores lane park areas and the river boys split into top of Deeps , Lower Deeps and Greens at the HQ field . Travelling time was minimal thus giving all anglers plenty of time to set up and prepare .
The kick off was started by all Browning Bennetts in each section , they also closed the proceedings and also weighed each section - fabulous effort guys .

I was pegged on Greens which turned out to be great fishing.

1st on Greens on peg 10 with 16-13 was Jim Gregory of Browning Bennetts A

Extra angler Richie Reynolds on peg 9 had 17-1 for 2nd individual on the day

On peg 6 Tony Cahill of SOLDIERS and SAILORS had 10-8 for 2nd place

On Peg 5 John Harper of Sensas Lifestyle with 8-1 was 3rd

Scott Westwood of COLMIC Soar Tackle took 5th place with 6-9

On peg 3 MAS RED Phil Ackerley took 4-8 with not a bonus fish for 6th place

In 4th place was Martin Taylor for BROWNING BENNETTS B with 8-0 of peg 2

Back at HQ calculating became priority as the Maths master Paul Greensmith got to work to create the Brown envelopes for all the framers .

Paul Greensmith BROWNING BENNETTS A with individual 3rd on canal

Steve Nurse COLMIC WIGSTON with a section

Chris Bucko of SOLDIERS and SAILORS with section

Richie Reynolds with 2nd individual on river

John Kilby MAS RED - 2nd individual on canal
Phil Tyrell COLMIC WIGSTON - 1st individual on canal

Mark Millington MAS RED with section on Canal

John Wells COLMIC WIGSTON with section on river

Ian Phillips of BROWNING BENNETTS A with section

Alan Round enjoying the day

Ian Shaw SENSAS LIFESTYLE with section

David Kimber with a section for MAS - RED on river section Cobbles

John Harper SENSAS LIFESTYLE with section

John Russell section for BROWNING BENNETTS B

The days top man on the river was Jim Marcer with 23-0 on the river for SOLDIERS and SAILORS

Mark Stewart BROWNING BENNETTS B with a section on canal

The days top dogs

Highly successful day which i believe all enjoyed - bring on the next match

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