Thursday, 28 May 2020

May 28th - GUC at Glen Parva , a Wigston AC water

Mick and i decided to fish the County Arms stretch fishing on pegs 76 and 77. Since the rules allowed the use of keep nets it seemed to be a nice idea to see the fruits of our trip .
The day started slowly and i dont think we had more than 6 fish in the first hour ! However it picked up well and Mick gained three skimmers and a decent Perch, a decent Rudd with a splattering of small Perch and roach. The same for me really however i picked up 3 Hybrids , plenty of small Roach and Perch. The last hour was a struggle as many fish on the surface who refused to take a bait so we decided on calling it a day. Just the one boat went through which helped the catch rate .

Best was 2+2 as better roach and the hybrids came

Mick on 77 fishing up to the pads

Mick did well today with about 6lb

Only bad point today was pushing my 11m joint into a dog turd - bloody dog owners are a disgrace

About 5.5lb for me

Sunday, 24 May 2020

2020 May and review of the EXNER Carbofram Evolution Match

Exner Head man Attila Nagy has used his expertise in International match fishing to make floats of this highest standard and these are available exclusively through Midlands Angling Supplies . Attila former World Champion with his Hungarian team plus also a winner at International Club level and also a successful coach with the Hungarian U14 youth teams has placed all of that International winning expertise into float designs.

World club champions 2011

Hungarian Youth U14 team winning Gold in 2012

European Silver Medal , Lake Velence , Hungary , 2004.

World champion Attila Nagy

After all these many successful achievements Attila designed the 'Carbofram Evolution Match' which has an all carbon filament stem that can be replaced for another stem at any time . The plastic tips are of various sizes and colours and different diameters for viewing in certain conditions - these fit into a common receptacle that all the floats ranges are based on . With Aluminium alloy washers being used these are an advantage as the concentrated cluster of weights make for better casting instead of using too many brass washers . When you make your first cast using this float you will be sold on it , simply an awesome distance and sensitive float .

16 gram currently out of stock

The float also makes a good slider however its sister float the 'Carbon Magic Slider' is the master in slider fishing.

Many tips are available to suit conditions and light

All Exner products are exclusive to Midlands Angling Supplies