Sunday, 29 June 2014

2014 - GREENHILL AC - Thurlaston Moat - Trev Reynolds cup match

           A sunny start to the day greeted the 9 that fished this match. The Moat looked magnificent in its glorious summer state and many fish were topping in the early morning . Could this be a day of huge weights all around ?


Match secretary John Kilby latex recruit to the Midlands Angling Supplies Soar series team who is officially sponsored by MAS for all SENSAS , EXNER, MS products.

5 minutes from the off

It was a strange day of good fishing in the first hour then blank periods of no activity . The presentation had to be very sensitive with lighter lines and smaller hooks just to get bites . The floats had to be 'dotted' down just to register a bite . In the end i took the honours with 19lb , John Kilby on peg 1 had 16lb but lost a good 10lb to rogue carp, Andy did well to take 11lb including some nice chub and golden tench.

Peg 2 and top weight but it was not easy but the lighter approach paid off

John Kilby - MAS Winter league match angler was unlucky to have a very tight fighting area in peg 1 and with fish lost could have took top spot !

Saturday, 28 June 2014

2014 - June 27th Meeting on the EXNER products

A strategy and pricing night on the EXNER products - Looking at the CARBOFRAM  , BREAM DREAM , MICRO MATCH and attachments .

Carbon sliders are the business

Exner Carboframs - awesome floats !

Then finish the meeting watching Evesham festival days on YT

Thursday, 26 June 2014


The day after the weed clearance party we came together for a small match on a beautiful sunny morning a start contrast to the previous days rain.
Decided to take a few pictures of the cleared pegs :-

I drew peg 2 which was very open and best chance i had was to build up a weight of silver fish and small tench then take a few bonus carp

First time using all my gear purchased by the company for me 
The V roller is a sold construction and i think this will last for several years compared to the run of the mill rollers on the market from competitors

Also a chance to use my new 783 pole one of the 2 i have

My new 660 box and table

Menu board for the delay

3 puller kits rigged up

2nd place John Kilby with 22lb

Andy the winner with 25lb 

Monday, 23 June 2014

2014 - June 20th Ashpole Spinney - Ian Chadburn gives it a go

          Saturday the 20th and Midlands Angling Supplies Ltd Northern manager Ian Chadburn came down to the Midlands to have a session on the Greenhill AC Ashpole Spinney water . The purpose of this was to see what he could extract from this difficult water which has a huge weed problem like so many other waters. The clubs committee and helpers have toiled endlessley to maintain the weeds growth and just when you think you have won the battle it returns so quickly. it looks like the clearance clans of GAC will be up in arms soon attacking the problem yet again.
        Ian chose peg 25 for his session and could reach the island with 16m , he also had a 9m and 6m line. Maggots / casters / feeding hemp and also some ground bait that kick started his peg. He started off taking small Perch then he took a few roach/rudd and small Tench until he settled on the 6m and margin lines where he took a handsome 10lb carp and a amount of Tench to 2.5 lb .

These Tench were tough to take out with so many weed banks it was hard to steer them away.

Dam ! lost it !

 Ian soon got into the swing and started to measure the fish by getting his elastic tighter giving the fish less manoeuvre .

After sticking in the weed the Tench was extracted.

 The days top fish

With a 20 lb bag of mixed