Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 - Stockholm MAU Xmas meeting 27th Dec.

We met for our annual Xmas get together at the QueensHead pub  and completed the official club news in 5 minutes then spent the rest of the evening ........drinking fine ales . (Thanks Johan)
We had Mats come along as he was taking his Xmas break with his family from his work in the USA , it was great to see him again , be it about 5 kilos heavier from all the Burgers and fries ! Johan was his usual self laughing and being productive in his fishing thoughts. My Carola came along for the day as we completed a little shopping before arriving . Tim and Erik were unavailable but we will catch up with them in the new year on the bank for sure .

Phew ! .....i have had a drink and eat Xmas of large proportions , must be 5 kilos heavier , time to hit the WCGym !

Johan , in his very own way decided to donate to the club a glass dish as a prize for the 'Outstanding achievement award' of this year. , a beautiful hand crafted prize was given to me , i accepted humbly .

Along with the award came a certificate of recognition , again i was humbled.

Not only a glass plate and a certificate but also a 'Horlicks' tub , the best sticky-mag powder you can use .

Amusing but delivered with a nice touch from one of the most genuine fishing organisers in Sweden today. He is often considered outspoken but has so much to talk about in the fishing circles . His enthusiasm is infectious and his thoughts are of only for the good of Swedish angling . Johan Tikanen is a rarity in this country as his zeal and zest for the sport is for the greater good of the sport ! I thank him very much and its been an honour to work and fish with him . A very genuine bloke !

If we had another 20 angler/organisers like Tikanen then we might have another few thousand extra match anglers in this country's very limited match angling theatre.
.......just my thoughts !

I only have another year in the Swedish angling circles before leaving for England to live again and of course enjoy the match fishing which is so unique to the English way. My heart is with the MAU and will always remain with them and i will still in the future come to Sweden to fish occasionally. The MAU men also know that i have loads of spare gear in UK and they are always welcome to come and stop with us and 'fish a match a day'   :-)




 it states 2012 .....but it is for 2013

With the MILO then its 9 days accomadation for me with practice days but thats going to cost ! At least 12,000sek !!!! in the hotel .......SO IF ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO AND IS PREPARED TO RENT A HOUSE SOMEWHERE CLOSE FOR AT LEAST A THIRD OF THAT COST THEN I COULD STOMACH PAYING THE 2,600 SEK FOR THE ENTRY .


Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012 and a pre-Christmas trip to Leicester

     The 6th of December at 04:00AM in Sodertalje , 2 brave souls dug 40 cm of snow away from the Car in readiness for a scary drive up the E4 motorway to the local airport at Skavsta , a Ryanair base some 45 minutes away.
     We arrived safely at the airport and parked the car in the interior parking house and got ourselves checked in .

After a rather pleasant flight we landed at Stanstedt and there got our hire car and took the trip upto Leicester.
First call that day was to 'MALES' mens clothing emporium owned by Kev and Emma Sheffield . Really nice people and great service everytime . Have been shopping there some 12 years now ! Purchased a few CK shirts and a very nice Ben Sherman Jacket.

Dropped into the local bank HSBC bank also , very nice people who just could not do enough for you i am so glad i changed to them having lost my way with the Natwest pirates !

Next we visited the Fosse Park for some essential shopping ...... the choice and selection was just so varied at the famous Marks and Spencers , totally different to what you can purchase in Sweden , and its cheaper !

You can tell i'm back in the UK ......some of the best periodicals exist here. Happy reading days !

Friday was shopping day in Leicester at the HighCross centre and nearby was an excellent pub serving the county's local beer , EVERARDS TIGER , my favourite .

In the town was my eldest girl , Sarah who is purchasing and shop manager for the IRISH clothing . She's my babe , love her massive ! A fantastic artist and great creator of clothing she has such great skills , she even won a fashion festival in Leicester , still have the film, awesome Sas !

After an essential day's shopping and viewing the town centre the evening's entertainment was about to start.

Welcome to the Railway Inn at Glenfield .....not been there since the 80's !


Best mate for 45 years !!! Mick Carr.

On the Saturday Mick treated me to a day at the City Ground where the Foxes were entertaining the Barnsley.

Pre match snack with a chocolate drink heated up in an Atomic microwave , still got sores in my mouth ! Also went for a Pasty that was also hot but nice !!

 The start of the match proceedings , wow , first time watching the City for many a year .
Result : 2-2 , should have been 17 - 3 !!

Lovely jublee ! ....the best Indian food at the Flamingo's.

Mick his brother Paul  and me .....known each other for 45 years , never part .

Carola's first taste of proper Indian food made by qualified Indian chefs , the difference could be tasted between Sweden and England.

Sunday arrived and after a lay in we took Traditional Sunday lunch at the Mill on Soar Public house .

After we took a stroll around the lake connected to the pub where 12 or more hardy anglers were fishing a small match and catching !!

Beautiful day with the sun out and approx. 8 deg C.


Ha-ha ....where else but England you can get Burger and Chips and a pint for 50 sek !! I seen the Burgers coming out and the were twice anything the Mc Donalds can produce plus you had 'door-step' chips , not these wafer thin FF's.


Onto Kegworth to visit my Auntie Joy and Uncle Gordon who has been unwell for sometime plus he has Parkinsons. He was in great spirits when we arrived , it was truly great to see him.

A trip to me Auntie Joy's is never complete without her offering he rfamous ecooking skills and this time it was Sausage rolls , they were scrummy !

I love to talk to her as she is just like my Mum who passed away in 2006 and i know my Mum approved of me being in contact with Joy and Gordon as they helped my Mum so much in the last 20 years especially.

Gordon scoffing a Mince Pie.

Carola showing Gordon our recent snowy weather in Sweden.

We got back to the Bed and Breakfast in glorious sunny weather.

The dogs always waiting for us , we have got to know them over the last few years.

The land around the house is magnificent.

That evening i met up with Christine , Sarah and Brett and Helen came along with me as we had 90 minutes family time together . Received a card each of the girls and Carola had one from the girls also . These are with out doubt the best presents i have received , it makes me so happy and glad.

Last day was the Monday before the travelling to Stanstedt airport so we decided to take Mick to Leicester for a wander around . While Carola shopped a little Mick and I sampled a few local brewery delights .

After a few beers we decided to try the pub's food , lovely !

Carola was keen to show us her purchase of great Xmas cards.

Back in the town Mick and i pose.

Mick and i still providing body-guard services to the Scandanavian shopper.

Town Hall square decor.

Great site.

Final evening  and after dropping Mick off home we went to the MoS for the last time to get a good meal before and early night in readiness for our trip home.
Part of the Pubs Xmas decorations.


Tuseday morning and up at 03:30 , out for 04:00 . Got to the end of the A14 then it all went wrong as we endede up on a divert due to accidents on the way plus stoppages on the M11. Well ! it turned out to be a missed flight by at least an hour so we had to book other plus we booked into the airports hotel ....shit happens !

The Radicon hotel was rather nice and we sampled a nice meal there.

This is a tower of wines and champagnes !


Fantatic 6 days , loved to meet up with eveyone and can hardly wait for 2014 when i return to live there again. I will be over in the 2013 summer for 3 weeks . Look forward to meeting everybody again .