Sunday, 8 July 2012

2012-07-08 - Slider only match at Norrkoping

A small gathering of Sweden's seasoned anglers for a fun match with a 'slider' only theme. Originally we were due to fish the day before but that was called off due to the iminent arrival of Thunder and Lightening. But the weather forcast did not predict that was wrong and today the Blixor och Oskar arrived !

Interesting to see the rig attachments

Very popular is the hollow plastic tube with a weight fused on it .

All was dry as we set up out slider rods but just before the pre-bait period the rain came and came and came ........and came !

Kent keeping his balls dry !?

Kent with a great selection of Browning new waggler rods

Essential gear in this rain

P p p p p p p p p p issing down rain    ;(

My chance to try the new Carbon DINO sliders.

I had a mixture off: 7m Bolo ,15',14',13' sliders from 10-14gram

Car to your peg plus a great quick shelter from the rain.

Towel on the chair as the rain was leaking into the box draws - forgot to bring my brolly ! -Weather forcast predicted light showers and sunshine !

After 2 stoppages during the match when the lightening was very close we ended up fishing the 5 hours and the bream really came on later in the match. Kent with the best estimated weight of the day of 55 kilos , Stefan had 30-35 kilos and i had 25-30 kilos