Thursday, 26 April 2012


Its the final day of fishing on our UK tour and we chose Bolingey again , the third time ! .This time we chose the top pool and i sited myself on peg 23 with Johan on 26 , both noted pegs with plenty of scope.
Thought i would start a little pre-bait and threw in a few pellets and corn either side of the peg and watch the 'Jacuzzis' form as i set up all my rigs.

5 rigs all together with 4 new rigs tied last night using the DINO Merus and Gino , 0.4 gr to 0.16 line on a 16's Guru.

had a few F1's on the pellet waggler

Kiss-mouth carp

Johan after Ghosties in the margins

I had 36 fish of which 7 were F1's plus 2 small carp the rest were lumps between 7 and 12lb. What an excellent day from my favourite water.

Fly back to Sweden    :(

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The second day arrived greeted by a less cold start (no frost this time ) . We started an hour earlier so this gave no help to the people who drank maybe one too many last night   :)
It was our groups turn to fish the A and B sections which are noted 'hard' pegs , yesterday the top weight was only 1,4 kilos !!! ....OMG !!!

and today ?
Saturday evening and it was Bishop's Arms !

The morning came and recent Browning Rod sponsored angler the 'Kent Adell' was in a revengeful mood determined to go better than the day before with a very low (grams) weight.

Good friend and 2010 champion Paolo Assi in the Mix .

Fred Von Browningsson also in the Mix.

A glorious day as A and B section prepared .

My peg , A6 and i am ready with 45 minutes before the off ! ....time to take breakfast in the hotel.

After 10 minutes Mr.Tai-chi Ostland was at it again on end peg B6 , getting into roach straight the way . My God ! , is he human ? , he did this yesterday ! .....Who can stop him ?
Eventually Freddan next to him started to catch fish and Lasse to me left put 7 fish in the net on the pole to my 2 fish on the feeder. I then gave it full concentration on the pole and after the first 2 hours everyone seemed to be catching rather well.

Good fishing today , for A and B section , which is rare !

Tom amassed a good 6 kilo weight including some nice slider bream and took the winner of the B

Fred Von Browningsson took 2nd place on B5 also with a few samples of slider bream for about 4 ish kilos

Lisse with some nice dog roach

A section and i got a second place with 5,2 kilos

Lasse came good in the last 20 minutes with 8 fish to take the section with 5,7 kilos

Presentation time

Lovely town this

Jocke and Kent calculating the results

Happier today he took the highest weight of the weekend with D6 peg 27 kilos !!
Kent adell of the Browning stable .

Restaurant owner Paolo and Sensas backed, taking a quick fast food snack

2012 champion was Tom Ostland backed by GEERS/COLMIC


Jan Backe in 3rd place overall

Fred Von Browningsson in 4th place

Jocke Palmer , the Organiser and great bloke in every way was 5th

Magnus Andersson in 6th

 1.Tom Ostlund 1 +1 17100gr

2.Lasse Magnusson 1 +1 11260gr

3.Jan Backe 1 +2 14500gr

4.Fredrik Andersson 2 +2 7820gr

5.Jocke Palmér 1 +4 14140gr

6th Magnus Andersson 1 +4 13400gr

7.Roger Bengtsson 2 +3 15120gr

8.Jonas Jansson 2 +3 12580gr

9.Kent Adell 1 +5 27660gr

10.Per-Erik Gyllbrandt 2 +4 15420gr

11.Leif Smedberg 2 +4 6460gr

12th Phil Ackerley 2 +5 9540gr

13.Tommy Lindblom 3 +4 12120gr

14.Paolo Assio 3 +4 8960gr

15.Lars winding 3 +4 3820gr

16.Lars Högberg 3 +6 6620gr

17.Richard Bengtsson 3 +6 5460gr

18.Stig Borlinger 3 +6 2380gr

19.Kenneth Johansson 4 +5 2700gr

20.Denny Bengtsson 5 +5 2000gr

21.Arne Andersson 5 +5.5 12700gr

22.Kristian Ekman 5 +5.5 8520gr

23.Jörgen Svensson 6 +6 3760gr

24th Roger Järling 6 +6 3740gr