Wednesday, 11 April 2018

2018 - 11th April - Out with cracks on Marston Trussell

I was honoured to be invited to Marston Trussell today to fish with some of the lads who have been doing well for the last 30 plus years , and more ! Tommy Boyce got me a place on this match organised by Steve 'Viagra' Warner . Many other familiar faces there including Derrick Reaney , just the 10 of us today as the weather was very dismal and dank and as we suffer this elongated cold winter / spring . Everywhere was boggy due to excessive rain and to compound it , it was cold with an East wind.

Gathering of the few on this awful city damp day

Deryck Reaney ...... Legend !

Tommy Boyce ....... another legend and member of MAS and National team

Steve the 'Viagra' Warner reading out todays selected pegs

Pensive wait for that good draw !

The £1-00's were exchanged ready for those personal bets

My peg 9 jumped out at me

Not bad position with decent depth of 4' at 5 - 11m

Christened the new OCTBOX bag with new roller

Best rig of the day , 0.6gr SENSAS Serge 0.12/0.08 SENSAS Comp line to SENSAS 3405 22 Hook
Tipped the bristle with black sleeve that just held on the surface with a small tip showing - could see very shy bites easily .

Back up rigs of SENSAS Jean Francois 18 0.8gr 0.12/0.08 3405 20's
and SENSAS Abbieville 0.8 0.12/0.10 3405 18's

Match started with 5 balls of SENSAS MAGIC with Dead Reds and a few pinkies at 11m , then 2 small balls at Top 4 / top 5 .

First 30 minutes had 6 pairs of eyes as slow start
Next few hours continued to get very shy bites and small pairs of eyes just playing with the bait so sometimes used half a pinkie .
Last hour was productive with better little Roach lumps on the maggot.

Lost a decent fish after 2 hours , could have been a bream  or Perch  , needed the bonus fo a win

Ended up 3rd with 2-12 (100 fish) , 2nd was 2-15 and 1st was 3-12 (with bonus 2-00 bream).
Either side of me was 2-10 (Tommy ) and 2-8 , so very close however on the day of catching small fish an ounce is a large difference .