Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Norrkoping 2011 may 21-22 - Day 2

MAU - MONDIAL sponsored matchman Mats Larsson with  a weight of 9340 which was good in that area as it did not fish at all . Hakan next to him did not bother weighing in and if he struggled then you know there was not the fish quantity there.

Unbelievably Jan had the same peg as the day before just like me as i had C5 also again. Jan took 6940 and the day before he beat me with 27490 .

C5 again and 20600    I started really well and must have had 15 kilos into the net after 2 hours , then it all went bad as the wind blew hard right to left and the fish followed .......thats fishing !

Jocke 'Mr Itackle' to my left on C4

Pick of the catch .....a bream of about 1.2 kilos .....all small bream this year , no 1.5 to 3 kilo fish showing !
Jocke took 25580

Claes next to show with 21740 on C3

Mr.Kent adell was again into the fish and took best weight of the day with 44380

Kents last bucket of bream full to the top

Next to weigh was Tim from the MAU-MONDIAL ......Note the new MAP rigs box !

Tim with a brace of the best out of his catch of 13120

and again !

RESULTS ..... Anders Karlsson ook the winning podium with an outstanding 2 day weight of almost 80 kilos with 2 section wins followed by Kent and Mattias with Arne taking a very deserved and creditable 4th

 Anders Karlsson C4 43290 1 B6 36220 1 2 79510

Kent Adell A5 23380 1 C1 44380 1 2 67760

Mattias Larsson B4 22000 2 A7 36530 1 3 58530

Arne Andersson B9 30120 1 C2 23380 3 4 53500

Patrik Wessman B6 20730 3 B5 21200 2 5 41930

Claes Hedström C1 32120 2 C3 21740 4 6 53860

Robban Jönsson A7 13360 6 A9 13080 2 8 26440

Andy B5 17320 5 B9 20060 3 8 37380

Johan Nilsson C3 23780 4 A6 3050 4 8 26830

Jocke Palmer B3 11800 7 C4 25580 2 9 37380

Folke Andersson A9 17400 3 B1 14480 6 9 31880

Christer Engvall B7 18130 4 B2 15000 5 9 33130

Jan Persson C6 27490 3 C6 6940 7 10 34430

Karl-Olov Wikström A4 11380 7 A8 11810 3 10 23190

Calle Rosslin A8 15020 4 A1 220 6 10 15240

Phil Ackerley C5 21390 6 C5 20600 5 11 41990

Mats Larsson C7 22920 5 C8 9340 6 11 32260

Björn Holmberg A2 21720 2 A3 0 10 12 21720

Krister Bergman B2 10630 8 B8 15140 4 12 25770

Stefan Holst A3 14400 5 B4 8880 8 13 23280

Tim Heighes B8 15570 6 B3 13120 7 13 28690

Peter Lindholm B1 6170 9 A5 680 5 14 6850

Lasse Olsson C2 18540 7 A2 0 10 17 18540

Lasse Magnusson C9 13820 8 A4 0 10 18 13820

Håkan Svedlund A1 8200 8 C9 0 10 18 8200

Johan Tikkanen A6 7520 9 B7 5260 9 18 12780

Mikael Jensen C8 11650 9 C7 0 10 19 11650

Strange results this year and none of the big bream showing ....think the water is still too cold was still a great competition well run by Christer and the rest of the JOKERS fishing club .....always be back to fish it again !

Monday, 23 May 2011

Norrkoping 2011 may 21-22 - Day 1

Norrkoping the big match of the spring match scene and hopefully this year for big weights ......i hope !

Most people travelled on the early saturday morning to arrive there and get mixing groundbait and generally enjoying the talk on the bank. 08:30 everyone registered and 09:00 the draw was made with a 11-16:00 fishing.
I drew peg 25 in C- section , a good peg over the years , how will it fish today ?

Lasses bait van was doing good trade as usual

Mats of the MAU club in the mix

Bob Nudd's brother with a few choice words    :-))

Christer Engvall reads everyone the rules for the weekend

Tim holding his thumb ....does he pull out a pie ?

Mats wanting lady-luck for a draw

6th in section with 21390 .......was hoping that the switch to feeder half way thro would turn the tide and see me attack the section but it did not ....thats the chance you take .

Anders Karlsson to my left on peg24 fished a fantastic match and doubled my weight ...truly great performance. I tried to copy everything he did and nothing i did could catch up with him. Well done Anders

The days winner with 43290 !!

Johan Nilsson with 23780

Some great tackle on show

A bucket of fish was normally about 21 kilos

Tim next to weigh

Had to becareful taking up the nets against the jagged concrete step

Tim took a creditable 15570 on his first visit to the water

Christer with 18130

Patrik with 20730

.........................................................................Part 2 to follow

Sunday, 15 May 2011

2011 - May 14th - Feeder only match

This year will see the first World feeder championships and with the dawn of this new event Benni Stafanutti decided to organise a match based on the style with WC rules but with dispensation to fish out in the water with the use of waders due to conditions at the Nykoping venue.

Everyone kitting out in waders  (i did not have any so my option would be a nice dry bank )

Hasse and Johan of the Trosa SFK

New MAU clothing was on view with Tim Heighes a male model of DRESS MAU

Benni started the proceedings and gave an indication on the rules of do's and do not's

I was on peg 11 looking down to peg 1

2 to my right with Tim on the end peg

First casts of the day , no pre groundbaitng just get on and fish directly

Tim was first to catch with and Ide

He soon had another ide

Then he picked up a bream in very quick time

Things were a little bit quieter in the first hour to the left. The wind then started to blow harder right to left and the fish started to feed !

The match was finished and 5 hours seemed to fly by ! Who has the weights ?

Benni was first to weigh and he took a very convincing win on the day with 35 kilos

Plus a very good Tench !

It took 3 weigh-in's for Benni

New housing development behind the venue  .....what a place to live next to this fishing Mecca

Buckets of Bream

Hasse with second place on the day from peg2 with 29 kilos

Johan with a comendable 16 kilos

MAU angler Mats with 11 kilos on peg 10 fish in the last hour .

My first weigh on peg11

19 kilos and had to put back a big 2 kilos plus bream on the whistle done for 3rd place dohhh!

Still a great day

Tim had a great start then the fish deserted him and went with the wind to the pegs on the end

Get the fish back in

The days scorecard

Mattias 'Terminator' Larsson read out the results for the top 3 .

NOTE : Terminator did not weigh !!!! ....caught a few bits and a 8 kilo pike out Norrkoping match next weekend ....its the Terminators revenge weekend  !!

Big congratulations to Benni for winning but also organising a great match. and hopefully this will continue to be part of the match calendat year in year out me in next year !