Sunday, 29 September 2013

2013 - Trosa September 29th and a nice day out with some great Swedish friends

A 32 km drive found myself in Trosa and meeting the Trosa boys plus the other teams for this DM match. What a fabulous bunch of guys always smiling , willing to talk and always having fun like Percy here who donated this handuk - towel to me as a going away present , he is a case , brilliant guy who like his club friends i will dearly miss.

I set myself up some 20 metres from the match and erected 2 x 6m whips and a 5metres whip with 2.5gr floats with 0.16/0.13 to Tubertini 14s/16s . Also had a stick float set up with  5BB Warren stick to 0.12 bottom to 18s kamasan long shank.

Office for the day .....fabulous weather !

 3 bags which included VDE Turbo / VDE Supercup and a bag or brown dispersing leam.

Maggots/pinkies/corn/worms the usual menu board.

The match attendees hung around waiting for the all important draw while i started my fishing . Well ! after 1 hour i had taken 2 small perch and most of the field were watching and some were stating : shall i fish for bleak? . At that stage i would say yes but surely it will not continue like this ?

As soon as the match started i started to take a steady stream of Bjorkna ,skimmer and Perch . Most of the fish were in the 100 to 400 gram category with larger specimens of 600-800gr amongst them.
Lost 2 very big fish close in which i estimate both to be Bream of a larger size. Had only 1 roach be it a good one . 

Splendid days fishing with a terrific bunch of friendly approachable anglers which just made the day just the best !

Sunday, 15 September 2013

2013 - Fyrisan river series No.4

Saturday the 14th saw the 4th match in the Fyrisan series which again was well attended . The weather was dull and overcast yet still warm from this long summer . The river conditions were not so good as the water was low and lacked colour and lacked and flow as the water was almost still .   are the sponsorers of the Series  are the regular bait service providing the best 'Dutch' worms , maggots and Pinkies also bloodworm joker and casters if ordered in good time. 

The troops assembled for the days' task.

A procession of trolleyed kit stood ready for its pegs destination.

Today's venue , a idyllic river some 20 metres wide which was slow to almost full stop , clear and sultry but beautiful surroundings and plenty of wildlife made this a venue of pleasure just to be there.

Tim was not fishing today but he delivered the bait for .
Great service Tim ......many thanks to you and the Metemask people

Weigh in time .....Peg 1 Grym with a 1.6 kilo

The young and up and coming Johan taking a great a weight with the 'Stripeys' for about 2,4 kilos on peg 2

Rolf in the trees peg 3

Me on peg 4 and the Rudd made up 75% of my 3,5 kilos and 3rd place .....It was hard work but from the start i placed 3 balls of joker / leam balls at 11metres and then placed 8 dead maggot/corn/pinkie balls at 2 meters short of the far bank for the feeder line. Had a overhanging tree to my right , the ' chub' looking peg i happened to remark about to Jimmy when we prepared the bank with Johan before the match. Jimmy was actually on peg 6 with Johan in between us on peg 5  . Jimmy scored first when the match commenced with successive skimmers and dog roach so i followed his action by fishing over my joker line with a 1.5 gr Dino 'Tamas'  in 2.8m deep with 0.10 bottom to a image IM6 hook and single pinkie . I took 9 see-thro' hand size skimmers and a roach then it went quiet . Jimmy took a niceBream of about 1.3 kilos and continued to connect with small fish from small Millers thumbs to Perch of the se-thro variety and also roach and skimmers. Johan was struggling with the pain in his body from a ladder fall at work , as he had been off work on the sick . In fact he said the worst thing was loading the car ! eventually he started to take a few fish and an excellent Bjorkna to boost his weight.
I eventually boosted my weight with many Rudd taken in the top metre of water at 5m and 13m .
Towards the end of the match i bumped off a really good fish estimated to be a large Perch of Bream  when fishing my joker/worm line but that is fishing , they don't count unless they are in the keep net !

Painful back reflected a weight of about 1.7 kilos

The days 2nd place and Jimmy of the MAU was happy with 4.5 kilos

The lead man of the day , is Pierre , he took a 3rd today in section.

Hasse had an awful day , but he will be back looking for revenge !

Lena took a few , she beat her husband Rolf.

Hubert on End peg , the roach peg and last years winning roach peg , i had last year when i won the series , it turned up to be the peg with a great weight a shade over 5 kilos ......great angling on a 5metre whip on maggot , hemp.

Well , with one match to go then Jimmy and Pierre are equal on points at the head of the leader board. The last match will take place on the 12th October . 
Its going to be a hard fought last match.
MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES LTD will be donating the trophy for the series.

Again big thanks to Swedbait and and to Johan for a great days job.