Monday, 24 November 2014

2014 - River soar winter league No.5 November 23rd run by the Angling Trust

Friday returned from my engineering contract in a poor state due to the start of a Winter flu type bug . Had informed Captain Stu to get a replacement however there was none so i was in the team. Arriving at the draw Sunday morning i was greeted with a good peg (under normal river conditions) however when arriving at the peg it resembled a jacuzzi ! Undaunted i proceeded to set up :

- Flat float - 8 gram Torpedo Cralusso
- Mars Bleu Maurizio Schiepatti 0.75gr for surface work and bleak snatching
- A 3gr Reglo Maurizio Schiepatti at 8' depth .
- Feeder was a Classic Competition 12' using Special feeder line 0.18 with a Classic Power 0.14 bottom line to a 4590 series 16's hook with alternating 20/30gr SENSAS cage feeders.

My feature ……lots of turbulence passing on the surface from the flow as it hit the debris in the trees and possibly below the surface.

Downstream and peg 12
To my left looked like goodish area to gain a few stray bleak but the turbulence was in and out of the reeds with the river rising all the time. Started with a see through perch first put in after placing 5 hard balls of leam / bros Gardons laced with goodies on my 6m pole line . It was not till i seen the angler to my take three small fish on the feeder close in which really prompted me to do the same . Only in the last 2 hours did i manage 2 small skimmers and a roach to reach a grand total of 400 grams !!

The match soon ended as the first 5 pegs weighed in a total of 2.5 kilos between us , the results went ;
1000 - 200 - 600 - 400 - 250 grams

Then the different world got weighed in with top weight 11.3 kilos and 4 and 3 kilos as back up weights

Cam Hughes with a decent Bream

Steve Hurst of Wigston AC Winner of the section with 11300

With one match to go in the series its apparent that the River Soar is truly back on the map and only greater things can come from this Winter league series and all the other matches taken place this year .
Again a massive thanks to Joff and Brian for a job well done.

1) John Hall Wigston A.S. 18.570kg John fished peg 1 on the 1860 Bridge stretch and catch most bream plus one tench on groundbait feeder with worm and red maggot on the hook. 2) Stu Raynor Dynamite Matchmens Supplies 13.310kg 3) Steve Hurst Wigston A.S. 11.300kg 4) Darren Bickerton Kamasan Starlets 10. 280kg 5) Paul Taylor Wigston A.S. 4.320kg 6) Dave Kimber Loughborough Soar 4.200kg Teams on the day. 1) Wigston A.S. 30 points 2) Kamasan Starlets 37 points 3) Drennan Leicester 46 points 4) Bennetts Bait and Tackle 50 points 5) Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 51 points 6) Loughborough Soar 57 points 7) Dynamite Matchmens Supplies 58 points 8) Quorn A.S. 59 points 9) Long Eaton Federation 62 points League to date 1) Kamsan Starlets 10 points 2) Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 14 points 3) Quorn A.S. 17 points 4) Wigston A.S. 21 points 5) Drennan Leicester 23 points 6) Bennetts Bait and Tackle 31 points 7) Loughborough Soar 32 points 8) Long Eaton Federation 35 points 9) Dynamite Matchmens Supplies 42 points

Friday, 14 November 2014

2014 - Friday 14th of November is launch day for Midlands Angling Supplies

                It has been 2 years in the making since my first thoughts of creating a fishing company and now as i sit here composing a few words ready for the official opening i can feel a satisfaction of getting to that final hurdle . Its always been a dream of mine to have a angling company and with MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES LTD the dream is now a reality.
                I have another company ; MONTAGE SCOPE DESIGNS LTD , a engineering company created in 1981 offering design engineering services and solutions to many disciplines in industry. But with the launch of MAS its hoped that MSD will work less hours so i can concentrate on MAS and more fishing time !
              I have to thank Vince Callaghan for his effort in getting the site to a good level for issue and his strong leadership in the product acquisition . Also must thank QI Marketing who created the website and will continue to service the site.

              The website adress is : ' '

Sunday, 9 November 2014

2014 - River soar winter league No.4 November 9th run by the Angling Trust

Peter Mulvey of LASC on a new peg 1 because of the rise in the river . You have to fancy your chances facing the weir opposite creating a large slack of swirling water .

The mighty 1860 Bridge

After 30 minutes getting snagged on the feeder Peter reverted to a 6m whip , awesome to see anglers using whips again , what a wonderful way of fishing !

Peg 1 Peter with his best fish of the day a decent 1.25LB perch

Peg 2 Nigel Truman of the Dynamite Matchmen was finding it tough get a few fish entering the net.

So Nice to see a brace of ABU 507's on display.

 On Peg 3 is good friend Brad Titmus of the Starlets fame enjoying a lollipop session after hitting 30 bleak and bits for a LB as it was now going for a big-one.

Lee Wright of Trentman on peg5

Harry Wilkinson of the Drennan Leicester stable  on peg 6 ….using the lollipop of the EXNER Blade kind to good effect.

On peg 8 over the footbridge was our Bennets man Dave Mawby finding it tough to present a bait in a very strong current.

Peg 9 was John Hall of the Wigston boys fishing very steady behind the boats opposite but then lester trotting the far bank to good effect and taking 5 good roach on the bounce only to see a boat do the damage !?

It was passing then decided to back up and stir up the bottom and scattering his fish , dreams of 10LB plus evaporated in one action from a stupid boater who could have parked further down.

Not to worry as at the weigh in John took the honours with 3250gr for 1st place

Dave did well to fish behind his keepnet for 1600gr and 6th

Chris Worm-miester 7th with 1300gr

Harry Wilkinson of the Drennan Leicester team took a well deserved 5th with 2100gr

Lee Wright of the Trentman was 4th on peg 5 with 2250 gr

Brad on peg 3 was close to honours with 2 late big-skimmers on the flat float for 3100gr

Peter Mulvey of Loughborough AS had a very creditable 2690 gr and he could have won the section as losing 2 large Perch cost him dearly.

A great day in the sun be it very painful in my right foot but the weather on the Commerative day representing all the servicemen who have given their lives for all of us in the great wars and conflicts of the last 100 years.

       In a few days time i reckon you could get 25-30lb weights down the 1860 as the fish are haven' it !


Sunday, 2 November 2014

2014 - River soar winter league No.3 November 2nd run by the Angling Trust

Number 3 match in the series and the usual meeting took place at the Anchor Inn at Hathern. As you can see through the window the road was a river this due to incessant rain throughout the night and early morning.

Vince disturbing Sam Merry

Van Joff with words of wisdom to his fellow piscatorials.

Stu writing the cards after Chris Marks drawing hand delivered our platform positions for the day.

I drew the 1860 peg 4 ……Joe Oakes had this the week before and it was not so productive , maybe i can get a good weight of it?

My target area with a nice glide for stick float fishing with about a 5' depth.

View to my right

View to my left

First hour for me was so productive as i took a steady stream of roach , chublettes and Perch . Lost a good sized chub and Perch with a few Roach …… this would prove be decisive in the weigh in.
At the final weigh in it was evident that hemp and punch played a big part in the best weights

Sean Ashby on peg 9 with a good 6970 gr weight on caster , no punch.

Steve Gardner of Shimano  Peg 8 with 5.600 gr

Rod Bream Loughborough rod on Peg 7 with 3800 gr

M Parkin 'Trentman' Peg 6 with 6080 gr

R Fryer of Matchman Peg 5 with 4450 gr

Midland Angling Supplies MD Phil Ackerley on Peg 4 with 3450 gr

D Guest of Leicester Drennan Peg 3 with 4500 gr  (great bloke he lent me his platform , really appreciated)

Mark Parker of Long Eaton Peg2 with 4340 gr

 Quorn rod A Renly Peg 1 with 7150 gr

Another terrific day on Leicestershires premier river , the 'Soar' as many weights were amassed considering the overnight / early morning rain deluge. 3 matches now completed with 3 more to play and the series so far has been an overwhelming success . Next year could see more teams enter the series and truly make this the largest river league in the UK…… bring it on !

Soar Valley Winter League Round 3 Sunday 2nd November
Venue: River Soar Mountsorrel to Kegworth 90 anglers fished.
1) Addie Higginbottom Matrix Dynamnite Trentmen 10.630kg
Addie fished peg 7 on the Top Ponds and caught 300 plus roach on the long pole fishing pinkie over groundbait.
2) Dave Petch Quorn A.S. 8.520kg
Dave fished peg 12 on the Greens and caught roach on hemp on the long pole.
3) Pete Hamilton Loughborough Soar 8.020kg
Paul Pettener Quorn A.S. 8.02kg
5) Rob Wootton Kamasan Starlets 7. 660kg
6) Addie Reynolds Quorn A.S. 7.150kg
Kev Hayles Long Eaton Federation 7.150kg
Team today
1) Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 33 points
2) Kamasan Starlets 37 points
3) Quorn A.S. 41 points
4) Drennan Leicester 44 points
5) Wigston A.S. 51 points
6) Long Eaton Federation 54 points
7) Loughborough Soar 55 points
8) Bennetts Bait and Tackle 61 points
9) Dynamite Matchmens Supplies 70 points
League to date
1) Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 6 points
2) Kamasan Starlets 7 points
Quorn A.S. 7 points
4) Wigston A.S. 14 points
5) Drennan Leicester 16 points
6) Loughborough Soar 18 points
7) Bennetts Bait and Tackle 20 points
8) Long Eaton Federation 21 points
9) Dynamite Matchmens Supplies 26 points