Saturday, 30 June 2012

2012 - June 30th Fyrisan kanal in Uppsala

RAIN ,RAIN ,RAIN AND MORE RAIN  !!! .......Engelska vader i sverige !

We decided to delay our match start until the rain ceased as the weather report predicted less rain by midday and the promise of sunny weather in the afternoon.

11 brave anglers assembled on this great canal length for an expected day of bleak fishing but will the Bream show ?

This match is to be the first of 5 in the series over the next few months.

Weighing in time !

Percy on peg1

Pierre with a fine all bleak catch og 11,3 kilos

Next to weigh was Tom with 10,9 kilos

Bleak of differnet sizes , some were larger with spawn .

Trosa junior Johan with a great catch of 4 kilos

Hasse with a hard earned catch of roach ,Rudd and skimmers

Johan Tikanen , the organiser of this series with best fish of the day

Tim with a good net and some fine Rudd samples

3rd overall with 6,2kilos

Rolf with a nice bag , 5,9 kilos

Lena with 3 kilos

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Tackle in for the MAU - men
Great Preston multi tackle and accessory bag , so compact yet holds alot of gear

New red line in from MAXIMA

All the Dacron connectors from the PI range

Love the DAIWA elastic range ,quality.

Vespe Bungs are just the best .

Time to pink-up

8 renewals !

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Last year i did not fish the lake but other like Lars Boden ,Johan Tikkanen and Mats Larsson did , and they did well ! Very well and amassed many roach in the net . Sometimes they were disturbed by several diving ducks who had no fear of them. There was a strange lack of Bream and Tench which this lake is recognised for .

VDE is the choice this year and i thought i would try a darker mix as the water wa not so coloured due to the in different weather we have had recently. So i mixed half a bag of each .

Riddled of some casters but most were floaters , but some were okay.

I set myself up under the tree in my favourite peg

To the Right

To the Centre

To the left

Looking down the barrel ......really nice day but the wind was coming at all different directions and rain was a possibility.

DINO Bream-Long 1.25 gr and a DINO Super Carp R 1.25gr on 0.13 main line to 0.10 and 0.11 bottoms lines using Sensas feeling 113 hook and Kamasan 911 hook.
Sensitivity was the order of the day !

 End of the day and i amassed possibly 45 approx . fish with the last hour only producing 3 fish !! Strange day , slow start great middle 2 hours and a poor last hour.

Need the water to heat up and have a few sunny weeks . Had no sign of Bream ,Tench or Crucian !? and no significant sizeable fish rising to the surface . Looks like this season is all mixed up with several matches not fishing to their true potential  :(

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Decided to give Trosa a go with the hope of large Bream weights after fellow MAU member Tim had enjoyed a 22 kilos catch a week earlier.
How will it go ?

Strange king of day as there was Bream showing on the surface amongst the weed beds yet i only had the one bream ! All other fish were Bjorkna nd a few roach.
It was after the 3 rd hour that millions of Bleak moved in and decimated the bait everytime so i ended up just fishing corn as the only way to catch.
Had about 35 fish for about 10-12 kilos

2012 May .......Soderhamn

Mattias Larsson from the Constellation organised a new fixture and this was at the normal autumn venue of Soderhamn. I placed myself on the list as it also gave me and my girlfriend an opportunity to visit her relations at Hudiksvall. We arrived on the Thursday to find some of the competitors practising but with very low expectations this reflected in their catches of few skimmer and lots of micro-roach    :(

We stopped in the First Choice hotel which was only 2 minutes from the venue !

 Apart from the Heavy rock concert in the hotel on the Friday night our sleep was undisturbed and i could only dream of a canal full of Bream and Ide , did my dream become reality ?

The gathering and watching of the Enstrom mixing kitchen.

Wonderful information given on all the potential species to catch.

The first day was very disappointing and no significant weights were assembled and winning catches for the sections being made up of Bleak !! .......i had no whips with me so that was out , i could only concentrate on skimmer and roach and anything else that swam !

Second day , and the pitch and putt opposite looked more interesting ! The 2nd day only proved marginally better than yesterday , really great shame for Mattias as the potential for the place could realise huge shoals of Bream and Ide but unfortunately the spring had been up and down with temperatures not making it condusive to proper angling thus the low weights we received.

Hopefully i will come next year and we also hit it right . But also i hope the Norrkoping match can be on a different date so i can fish both    :)

Well done Mattias for a job well done and a great shame about the weights.