Saturday, 26 November 2011

2011 - November 26th on the Sodertalje kanal

It was declared yesterday that Sweden has just witnesed the warmest November for 130 years ! It seems to be a record every year here in Sverige , but its the same everywhere. Taking advantage of this extended period of available fishing i decided to meet with Aciiiiiiiiiid Tikanen at the Sodertalke kanal to see if the roach shoals were massing in the town for the winter.

Car to your peg what more do you need ?

Travelled light today !!!

Da mix today : Started with 2kilo bag ofVDE Turbo black with caster ,dead maggot and pinkies

It filled the 17 litre bucket up a third way.

Layout for the day

Its a huge kanal with depths from 3 - 10 metres in front of me

I started fishing at about 08:15 and during the process of plumbing the depth the rig got stuck on the bottom and i pulled for a break and it snapped at mid-way !......never expected that !. So i rigged up again using a DINO SuperCarp 2.0gram to a 0.12 bottom and 18's Sensas feeling hook. Also had another Dino of 1.5 gr also set at 2.75 m depth which was off bottom by 0.2m and the other rig was 3 m and touching bottom all at 9 metres.
After an initial cupping in of 7 balls i had my first indication after 10 minutes but it was a few minutes later when i had my first roach with a pike chasing it to the surface .I caught steady for 2 hours amassing 56 fish till Johan and Lucas came back from their walking Piking down the bank.
I started to accelerate in the catch rate and got more response the more i fed but the pike attacks continued . I hooked a pike of about 2.5 kilos in the mouth on 4 pinkies !! and landed it . About 30 minutes later i hooked another , so i thought ? and it was at a time when Johan and Lucas were setting off in the car to Persagen to try their luck with piking there. As they started to drive off i managed to wave them down and they came to help as this fish was certainly more livelier than the previous , in fact it had stretched my no.8 elastic almost all the way out on its first run !! When Johan stepped into the water with the landing net he suddenly said : 'Thats no Pike!..... its a trout ' ! .....but seconds later he said :' No! its a SALMON' ...but later it was confirmed as a Sea Trout.

Check out great films and pictures from Dr.Johan

SEA TROUT on the pole !

Johan checking the Aadipose fin status and he confimed it was a natural SeaTrout

Okay .....viewing time !

I got to a 100 fish and decided to mix more groundbait and i finished on 152 be it many were small fish.for about 7-8.5 kilos-ish

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2011 - Jonkoping - MATCHMAN OF THE YEAR

        The final match of the year traditionally held at Jonkoping is a classic on a hard water to fish . The venue is in the centre of the town surrounded by roads ,buildings and people walking the perimeter of the match. The John Bauer hotel is the usual accomadation for most of the angling fraternity and on the two evenings we are there the atmosphere is electric with alot of laughing and drinking !!!
       Friday night is arrivals night for most and after a few drinks in the hotel we perambulated to another drinking hostelry for some more 'falling-down ' juice at the local ''BISHOPS ARMS''. We managed to pass the Velvet lounge which was well rammed with youthful people and very loud music ......err No thanks !
        Jocke Palmer lead man of organises this event and what a good job he makes of the event helped by members of the VMBK club .Whilst there i took delivery of a new keepnet from Middy (i did'nt fill it up very much  :-(

Preston Innovations sponsored the weekend

At the meeting place next to A and B section the anglers were being served by Lasse and Arne with their bait requirements

Good selection of maggots and pinkies plus nice jokers and bloodworm

The view from A section to the other bank with all its activity in the town

Looking down to B section

Looking over the water to yet more construction works

The eager anticipation of the peg draw gathered the men together

MT just washing his hands - was waiting for him to take a bath   :-)

Next to the meeting car park was a small construction  that would make a nice carp commercial pool - wishful thinking

Jonkoping winner in April - ' Da Man ! - Paolo 'Assi - d !

Jocke began with an introduction of the sections and the rules

Commander Palmer


          D SECTION PEGS 3 AND 4  ( Me and Charles)

Lasse on Peg 5

Stefan and Vince on Pegs 6 and 7 respectively

Vince had some very nice Rive floats on show - they were of a beautiful construction.

Vince pondering with expectancy

My set up for the day was 3 top 5's using 1.5 -2.5 Dino Walter's and a 3gr Dino SUPER carp R.

I used Triana 0.12 main line to Colmic Mimetix 0.08 bottoms to Kamasan B512'S 18-16's

My Menu board consisted of Maggots and Pinkies with a few worms

Groundbait was VDE SUPERCUP with BLACK TURBO and Trapper leam.

on the sunday i used Top Mix Bream Black fine and Trapper leam

Charles was FASTly mixing his balls

Match finished and the weights were low after a frustrating match where the fish would not feed  and the last 4 pegs produced the better weights.

Stef-Miester had a good weight but will he beat Vince on end peg who caught just as good ?

A look of success with 3.4 kilos ?

Vince had to take 2nd place with 3.060

Stefan thought when he stepped in some sh*t it would be a sh*t day - it prooved to be a lucky omen as the talismanic Holst plundered a section win on the D.

Saturday night in the hotel and the sorrows are drowned with a few drinks

All smiles - Twins seperated at birth !

Anssi and his fishing coach

Upstairs we had a private room and a free drink - shame about the coffee !

A few speeches were made

Kristian and Kent conferring over the bad day's fishing

Jimmy and Charles

Bob Nudd's brother showing the art of taking a boilie snuz

Here we go

Its in !

Smile !

Second day and i drew B7 and Stefan drew B8- Whats this on B8 ? - its another omen for the Holst - its really awful dog sh*t  (resembling cow sh*t.)

Arne on A1

MT on 2

Its prebait time and everyone was cupping in , noise to the minimum on the surface everyone expected it to be tough so it seemed the best tactic.

Vince in the pot

The match :
Stefan to my right was looking and feeling a little worse for wear due to an excess of the beer the previous night. He seemed very laboured in getting his tackle ready but eventually after an energy drink and a chocolate bar he was ready for action.
The match started very ,very slowly and i caught a perch then he had 2 then i had one and then he had another . Then all went quiet for 30 minutes and i noticed Stefan's head nodding forward a few times and his pole dropping a few times in the water. Un deterred he soldiered on obviously feeling and suffering from the falling-down juice last night. Any way Stefan started to concentrate a little harder when .......strike ! ....oi oi oi ....a bream , played on light elastic for 2 minutes eventually came in to Stef's net , a 1.2 kilo bream with 7 small fish made a total of 1.5 kilos to my 320 grams of 6 perch . .......the script has been wrote:

Saturday stepped in dog sh*t and won section
Sunday almost stepped in dog sh*t and won the section by falling asleep on his box and snaring a bream.It can only be you !
Stefan your a legend and a great bloke - seeya next season !

Huge thanks to Jocke Palmer for excellent managing of the weekends events with the VMBK helping out.