Friday, 15 February 2013

2013 - Johan Tikanen

Johan Tikanen has rounded of a superb 2012 by being awarded the 'LOCAL HERO' prize for his devotion to the sport of angling. This comes as no surprise to most of us as he has consistently found tremendous enthusiasm to organise events like the Fyrisan river series and the Arbogan weekend competition. A very popular and sociable man always on the angling venues who will always talk to you and pass on advice.
We at the MAU fishing club are united in our applauding this award to someone who deserves it so much .

The award logo from the Metetorget .

The award was originated by Benni Steffanuti who runs the Metetorget website for Swedish angling .

The winner :

The man the backbone of angling and MAU club ......well done again Johan , richly deserved !