Saturday, 30 July 2016

2016 - Clive takes Soar masters N03 , Wales take the crown with Kent getting Bronze

Great weekend for the Midlands Angling Supplies as we now have 6 in the Soar Masters final and three matches to play for .
However todays match on the soar found Clive 'Picasso' Lloyd on a rather useful peg in good company with Middy backed Joe Oakes to his right . Clive won the match with 10-00 lb and entered the final for September .

The winner with two very nice Tench

Lee bennet won his section for the third time so thats three out of Three ! , can we get 6 out of 6 ?

Same weekend John 'Chef' Harper bagged on the bream at another venue

 European championships weekend and our Matthew Powell won the EC for Wales , great day for the welsh and richly deserved and congratulations to Matthew.

Wales in joyous mood

Good friend of mine over in Sweden took third individual Bronze ......Swedes technically very good but lack good sponsors to get them the extra mile , well done Kent !

Also good friend Tamas took the gold , i miss my days fishing with him on the Scandinavian masters in Sweden.

Back at the pub the man of the moment Clive Lloyd 

But of course , i am 3 out of 3 , maybe i go 4 / 4 , 5/ 5 , 6 / 6 !?!?!?

Jay in the coin , take it away MAS !

Thursday, 28 July 2016


When i heard from Clive Lloyd and Mark Footit that the IVAN MARKS memorial match was on the Witham a famous stamping ground for him and his son Chris , I just said YES ! , of course.

Peg 41 for me and some said it was the top peg , yeah ! heard that one before.

Further along was Clive on 48

The way i like it to the peg

My target area


Before the match i went to see the Stick Miester better known as pICASSO

Sunday lunch

Summer has started today .......not good fishing !

Tap water

The days winner 3 slabs for 17LB

A deserved Guiness for the days toils

A pleased looking Clive with a good section win 

Ivans lad Chris

Happy Days

Sunday, 24 July 2016


My best mate for 51 years Michael Carr and myself decided to go for a week's fishing in Ireland . There ,  we are to stay at the ANGLERS REST Ballyconnell and fish several different waters to get a taste of what we shall do more of over the coming years.

The 5th of June was 'kit' day



The back of the car was rammed but it left a little room to see out the back off.

On 6th of June we set on our way from Leicester to Holyhead arriving early and we decided to breakfast in Llandudno .

We even found time to walk the pier

We arrived at the ferry port early and were first in queue

Mick could smell the Guiness 

............ and he was rewarded when we boarded

I had one also

Soon be there

Dublin here we are and time to get driving

First day we fished Killy keen and the mix was on

Reasonable 14lb considering the fishing was not good

Hybrids (related to Trout)

That night we were tempted by Francis McGoldricks huge steaks ......I had to use a full bottle of red wine to ease it down.

MAS rod David Herron played it safe with a chicken curry

No!! ....... no ,  i cant eat any more !

Next day Francis took us out to Trinity ........the day of the shell fish bites !!!!!?

Not so good for Mick and i as we were pestered by bites from shell fish , we both had half a dozen a piece !!

Next day Francis put ius on the mark and we enjoyed double figures

To the last day and Muckno was advised so we took a 1hr 15mins journey to this mecca , we are not disappointed .

Dave put us on pegs 76/77

Back at Ballyconnell for the last night and the people were so warm

Fabulous time and WE WILL BE BACK !