Monday, 7 April 2014

2014 - Ashpole Spinney - Peg by peg

Pegs 1 and 2 are very open with no features but the fish still feed well there.

Peg 3 

Peg 4 has a cast to the island

Peg 5 has 16m to the island

Peg 6 has 14m to the island

Peg 7 has short cast to the island of about 20m - good margin

Peg 8 has nice cast to the island

Peg 9 - excellent pole and waggler peg

Peg 10 - lots of options

Peg 11 has good cast to the island

Peg 12 has good margins

Peg 13 has good margins

Peg 14 with good margins

Good cast to island and margins on peg 15

peg 16 has good margins 

Peg 17 corner peg

Peg 18 with good margins

Peg 19 and good island cast

Perfect peg 20 with lots of options

Good peg 21

peg22 to the island

Peg 23 14m to the island on the pole

Peg24 to the island and margin

Good chuck to the island peg 25

Another good cast to the island peg 26

Good open and margin peg 27
Peg 28 good margin 

March 23rd Thurlaston moat

Great day down at the GAC Moat on my fave peg 8 . Weather on the chilly side yet the sun was welcome when it decided to make an appearance .

2014 - April 6th GAC Ashpole spinney

Decided to fish the Ashpole Spinney after hearing good reports from the FACEBOOK page of the club's information centre. The weather was expected to be a little rain but a continuation or warm weather was expected.

 Car ready for the off.

 Packed and ready for its 14 minute journey to the fishing of excellence

Just need to negotiate the opening !

Office for the day was peg 10 which i have used before back in the 90s when i won twice of it.

 Great start to the island with a full linear carp after 5 minutes

 Another to follow minutes later

 another specimen hard fighter came to the net

They kept coming and i had 8 in the first 90 minutes

First Tench of the day !

 Lost a few aircraft carriers  but the 2-5lb fish kept coming

Best Tench of the day about 2.5lb

Estimated about 13-14lb of Tench and about 10lb of Rudd/roach/Perch plus 9 Carp for about 27lb gave  me a great 50 lb plus weight  , maybe more ?

Think he liked the ground bait and pellets …… caught everything on corn and maggot with ground bait  and dead maggot feed .