Monday, 28 October 2019


John Taylor with Jim Burton have annual event/s to raise money for PROSTRATE AWARENESS , this year with the rivers unfortunately out we fished the Shardlow canal and it proved to be very comfortable if a bit cold with overnight heavy cold rain plus gin clear in the water . We were suitably breakfast fed at the nearby SHAKESPEAR pub and the drive to parking for the match was very short along with a short walk onto the canal from two vantage points .

JOHN TAYLOR - absolute diamond

JIM BURTON - another diamond and terrific organiser

The breakfast hall in the morning was buzzing and the banter was great

Draw time and i pulled a peg 3 out the bag

to my right

to my left


2 Perch rigs , both CCX floats

Venus carbon stem 0.2gr

Virgo wire 0.2gr


Set up and ready to go but sat in the shadow

Target feature opposite is the tree/bush but only 18-24'' deep .

 The day was tough , very tough and 13 fish for 2lb-3oz over 5 hours was hard going . Adding a little fishmeal gave me 4 skimmers and 2 decent roach plus 1 decent Perch close in .

Jim Marcer top weight of the day with 7-6

Our section won by Paul Jeffery with 2-8 , did me for section by 5oz and on the day that was a big difference , well done chap.

John Harper with 2-8 to win another section

Back to the pub and a few drinks and a warm . The day was not finished as the prize draw was made with two tables full of prizes , over 150 , at least .

Guess who won that , well , we bidded  for it , Mick and i won , now we need someone to eat it .

Fabulous donation of tackle from Fishmania , Julians tackle , Midlands Angling Supplies , did i miss anybody out ?

I think all 31 in the room at least went home with 3/4 prizes each .

Fantastic day (£600-00 ) for this awareness and hopefully to be repeated soon again as in discussion with Jim Burton to possibly have another event , this time on the River soar and canal in December and lay it on with a FUR and FEATHER match ........lets see what we can do ?

Sunday, 20 October 2019

2019 - Charnwood boys trying out the Albion with a few new pegs - 20th Oct

On the success of the 'Albion' length of the Loughborough canal a few of us ventured out to discover the delights of 'always bites' Albion . This time Paul decided to place a few new pegs into the equation with the chance of further experimentation past the road bridge the following weekend . This is why the Charnwood committee dont rest , we are always trying to find the best sections for obviously the best weights around .

We decided to start pegging from peg 5 where in the last two matches the section has been won from there . Next pegs were the usual 6 and 7 . Then 8 was moved by 5 metres as a new barge arrival had come to rest . Then two new pegs were added before the road bridge .

BROWNING BENNETTS David Breakwell on Peg 5

Familiar territory for me on peg 6

2 Perch rigs using SENSAS CCX 4's

4 other rigs of MAS PJ2 and  JO2

To my right is the barge peg 7 with an extra barge on the end then starting pegs 8 , 9 and 10.

Lee Bennett SENSAS LIFESTYLE on peg 7

Well the day was cold and a odd keen breeze made it uncomfortable but the day was enjoyed with a multitude of species ; Ruffe , Perch , Bleak , Roach , Dace , Skimmer , Hybrid and odd chublette .

I fished on a top 7 line , pinkie over ground bait but better fish on red maggot . However competing with the other pegs was hard as currently pegs 6 and 7 have finished bottom of the section in last two matches . Because my peg is som 20 metres wide i would suggest a wand feeder rod and small feeder could provide an insight to cracking the secret of these two pegs . Later in the match Lee placed fishmeal ground bait in and caught two decent skimmers ! - is this the method ?
Both of us tried extensively to get the choppy going but it was lacking .

Anyway end of the day and on peg 5 (section winning peg on previous two matches ) won the day with 14-4 . David Breakwell bagged all day and caught a good stamp of roach with a good share of Perch.

New (moved) peg 8 for the day was Paul Greensmith with 12-5 and 2nd place .

New Peg 9 was Perry Hubbard with 11-14 and some nice hemp-caught roach

New Peg 10 was Martin Allen with 11-3

Peg 6 Phil Ackerley 6-6 and peg 7 Lee Bennetts 6-2

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

2019 - Charnwood League No.3 - 13th October.

Match no.3 of the Charnwood league and with the river sections back in , just ! ........ how will the day pan out as already its full-on rain for the day itself . As per usual the Bennetts boys are ready to assist the draw as we all eat our breakfast baps with two pieces of bacon this time   :)

The day started badly as the Deeps end at Pillings lock as the entry gate to the field was locked yet it was freely open the evening before as one of the lads pegged the section out . Investigations to why that is are underway.

Also this day the Glebe street section was a problem due to parking and some of the anglers were parked as instructed yet received fines . I have contacted one of the anglers and will pursue the council to understand their reasoning when the sign clearly stated restriction on a Monday to Saturday basis . We shall place an appeal .

At the Deeps end David Revill of SAS took the top honours with a Individual river 2nd position and a handsome catch of 22-3

MAS BLUE Jarred Toone with 2nd in section 13-14 , John Lock of Colmic Soar tackle taking the section with 18-1

MAS - RED Mick Carr with 4-1

On the Sutton length to the right of the Lane Joe Oakes of Colmic Wigston dominated with a great catch of roach on the hemp . 10-4

Left hand section and here Kev Hales bringing his section winning 8-6 to the scales
2nd in section was MAS- RED John Shuter with 8-2

Kev Hales of SAS 8-6

Back at the HQ and the 22 prize monies were dished out

Thomas Boyce MAS - Blue 1st in section with 6-12

Albion peg 6 for MAS - RED David Mellors  with 7-14

HUGE ! catch of Big bream for MAS-RED Martin Jacques top river individual winner on the Greens with 41-11 of peg 5

Winner of that section was Wayne Hammond of COLMIC Wigston with 14-4

Second in section went to MAS - Blue Ian Baker 11-4

Current standings