Friday, 11 October 2019

2019 - CHARNWOOD League - No2 - October 6th

Second match of the Charnwood league and because the rivers have been swollen in recent weeks it was decided to place the river boys on the canal and a great choice as the newer canal sections of Hawes and Albion performed really well.

Dave Allen to my right

Tom Pringle to my left
My Peg 6 

Karl Murphy BROWNING BENNETTS A on peg 8 with a great 14-0 and 2nd on the day

Dave Allen peg7 with 5-12
Phil Ackerley MAS-BLUE , peg 6 with 7-6 (and yet another lost Bream even if it was foul-hooked !)

Tom Pringle of Wigston Colmic with a master class on peg 5 with 12-2 and third on the day

Martin Mansfield of COLMIC Soar tackle on peg4 with 7-10

John Kilby of MAS-RED on peg 3 with 7-13

F Cheetham SENSAS LIFESTYLE 7-8 on peg 2

Chris Bucko with first on the day with 17-4 of peg 1 representing the Soldiers and Sailors

Clive Lloyd MAS -RED , 4th on the day with 11-2 from peg 1 on Hawes

 Yet another well organised match orchestrated by the lads on the committee - no3 match on the 13th October and the river section are back in again .

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