Sunday, 20 October 2019

2019 - Charnwood boys trying out the Albion with a few new pegs - 20th Oct

On the success of the 'Albion' length of the Loughborough canal a few of us ventured out to discover the delights of 'always bites' Albion . This time Paul decided to place a few new pegs into the equation with the chance of further experimentation past the road bridge the following weekend . This is why the Charnwood committee dont rest , we are always trying to find the best sections for obviously the best weights around .

We decided to start pegging from peg 5 where in the last two matches the section has been won from there . Next pegs were the usual 6 and 7 . Then 8 was moved by 5 metres as a new barge arrival had come to rest . Then two new pegs were added before the road bridge .

BROWNING BENNETTS David Breakwell on Peg 5

Familiar territory for me on peg 6

2 Perch rigs using SENSAS CCX 4's

4 other rigs of MAS PJ2 and  JO2

To my right is the barge peg 7 with an extra barge on the end then starting pegs 8 , 9 and 10.

Lee Bennett SENSAS LIFESTYLE on peg 7

Well the day was cold and a odd keen breeze made it uncomfortable but the day was enjoyed with a multitude of species ; Ruffe , Perch , Bleak , Roach , Dace , Skimmer , Hybrid and odd chublette .

I fished on a top 7 line , pinkie over ground bait but better fish on red maggot . However competing with the other pegs was hard as currently pegs 6 and 7 have finished bottom of the section in last two matches . Because my peg is som 20 metres wide i would suggest a wand feeder rod and small feeder could provide an insight to cracking the secret of these two pegs . Later in the match Lee placed fishmeal ground bait in and caught two decent skimmers ! - is this the method ?
Both of us tried extensively to get the choppy going but it was lacking .

Anyway end of the day and on peg 5 (section winning peg on previous two matches ) won the day with 14-4 . David Breakwell bagged all day and caught a good stamp of roach with a good share of Perch.

New (moved) peg 8 for the day was Paul Greensmith with 12-5 and 2nd place .

New Peg 9 was Perry Hubbard with 11-14 and some nice hemp-caught roach

New Peg 10 was Martin Allen with 11-3

Peg 6 Phil Ackerley 6-6 and peg 7 Lee Bennetts 6-2

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