Wednesday, 24 July 2013

2013 - England holiday and on the Mill on Soar fishery one evening after an intensely hot day in the heatwave.

Holiday and business for me and Carola for a 3 week period and i managed to take in some 'relax' with the float  :-)
decided to pick up my 'English' kit from the house and give one of 14 local fisheries within 10 minutes of me a bit of a bash. Decided to fish the most local which is a pub and fishery , its only 2 minutes from the bed and breakfast we are stopping at.

Had purchased nothing from the tackle shop and went ahead with meat and corn , why not, its almost 30 degrees and meat is a primary bait in the english commercial match fishing scene.

Fished some 11 metres out in a slightly deeper area.

Bites were at a premium as the fish were basking so i was hopeful of some 'feeding' fish.

Well the skimmers were obliging and they came at a good rate.

Water break , jeez its warm and it is 6 in the evening.

Office for the evening.

Just meat and a little corn

Skimmer again.

Then the margins started to boil and i took 3 carp and lost 3  and took more skimmers.

The evenings photographer.

Just great to get back into the groove.