Sunday, 22 February 2015


A great honour to fish the Bob Shurmer trophy and below is one of the photographs from the GAC archives of a match i won back in the 80's on the Thurlaston lake and Bob helped me to stretch the net out ,

Only 6 turned up for the match with many not turning up due to the expected poor weather. A hard frost greeted us which would prove to make the match a little tough !

All was calm and cold in the first part of the morning , it was the calm before the storm.

2 hours into the match a took a walk and Richard on peg 6 was feeling the cold

My Peg 2 office for the day

The match deteriorated after 2.5 hours as strong winds and rain started to hammer down and umbrellas started to get broken.
We all decided to end the match an hour earlier as it was quite clear proper angling was almost impossible . Most of us could not feel our fingers and the rain was soaking through our clothing. Managed winning with 4-4 from peg 2

Andy on peg claimed 2nd place with 1-10

Saturday, 21 February 2015

2015 - Day in the garage sorting the tackle.

Today i took the opportunity to quantify the ground baits / leams / additives that our Midlands stock has.  Vince recently brought up a quantity from our distribution centre in Windsor as we have orders to fulfil and a selling at a show or two .

I also had to get the garage fairly clear in readiness for the MAS team when they fish the SENSAS CHALLENGE in early March as the whole team are stopping at the house over a 5 day period. (The whole of the competition is to be filmed and it covers interviews with the team members whilst stopping at our house ……. so watch out for TEAM - MAS - TV )

Just over 500 kilos of Groundbait and leam stored here at the moment

Additives , flavours

and leams

2015 - SENSAS CANAL MASTERS ROUND 5 - John's day !

I missed the round 4 due to illness so i was rather pleased to get back into the competition with a chance to make the final. I drew peg 81 and knew nothing about its position and previous form until i got to the draw and learned it fished very tough on the round 4 however it was really cold and windy last time out. Today's weather was rather pleasant with a very slight breeze , grey with the promise of a little sun later. The section to my right contained Midlands Angling Supplies rod John Kilby , who had drawn end peg 90.

Peg 81 for me

All set up and raring to go

Sunday's office

Just the 4 rigs , 2 x Perch rigs on CCX1 4x10 to 0.14 /16's
                         2 x Bloodworm rigs using JEFF2 0.2gr, 0.9/0.6 22'S fine

Typical view on the Loughborough canal these days with so much new developments taking place.

A few small Perch and 2 better samples came his Peter Madleys way . He eventually took second in our section aided by 2 bonus Perch .

Joe Roberts had 12 see-through perch and roach and took an early exit when it was clear that the normally winning peg on the section was doing it again.

Nick Moss to my right in the other section keeping busy

My Day ;

I tried to go for large Stripeys knowing a few of them would put me in the frame . I tried 4 lines , 2 on the choppy , one on the joker/blood and a punch line . The latter 2 failed to produce and the choppy was the successful with several small Perch ( best about 4 oz). My friend to the left faired better with his 7 and had the 2 bonus taking him 1400gr . Our section was decimated a little with early finishers and non-attenders !! Only 3 weighed in from the section with the same old peg winning it with 3150gr (peg 74)

The weigh in to the section to my right would prove more interesting with Nick Moss on peg 82 gaining a respectable 1140gr after a blistering start in the first 2 hours. His team mate Gary Smith on peg 83 took a very nice catch of 1970gr with a very good last hour.

                Young Paul Sanders took the section on peg85 with a splendid catch of 2220 gr with a much needed bonus Perch to edge out Gary.

                The next three weigh-ins were critical as Midlands angling supplies rod John Kilby was on the end peg . When i visited him at the end of the match he was so distraught as he had lost a 10oz skimmer on the whistle !!

                On peg 88 was Andy Taff - 1280gr
                On peg 89 was John Potter - 1240 gr

                 …..Last peg John Kilby on peg 90 ……..1300gr !!!

                4 qualifiers existed in the section so John took the honours on default by beating 2 very good anglers to his left , it was close but richly deserved !


John …. a very good hemp man !

John Kilby with his qualifying return ……….Your in the Final mate !!!!

Back in the Carillion Hockey and Cricket club the riches were divided to the days victorious few.
Again Joff delivered the goodies and he himself took a 5th on the day with an automatic qualification to the final, we ll done Joffmiester !!

One qualifier to go , i need 8 qualifiers in my section draw   :)