Monday, 20 February 2017

2017 - 19th February back on the wild Dove

So back to the river Dove and i said from last time i would not come again but not the reason for the fishing but for that hellish walk (approx. 1000yards - one way ! ) . So hoping i would gain something closer i decided to enter the match organised by Sir Clive Lloyd Senior lecturer at the Burton upon Trent Stickology department.
 - time for the draw and the peg i did not want as i was there before was PEG 3 , what did i get ....... 3!!!

Okay pull yourself together Phil , lets attack this 5'-6'- 7' going to 9' peg swim differently , so lets get there and assess .

Somewhere in the distance is my destiny!

Getting closer to my peg and a dog took a dislike to me , charging several times , my right foot was at the ready even when i warned the owner who could not care less.

after 25 minutes exit from the car park i am greeted by familiar territory

To be fair it was an easy walk on the level also i halved my weight on the trolley

Just checking again that it was really Peg 3

Set up 2 rods , a speci waggler of 4gr and a 10 no4 stick - both had 5lb reel lines and i had a size 14 hook on both.

How do i attack this peg differently from last time ? Last time i had my first fish 10 minutes before the end . So i decided to blast it with maggot and sit 3 metres more to my left so i have a better stick float run in the 4-6' depth of water before it enters 8/9' depth.

First 30 minutes i had no indication at all but then i started to get a few quick bites but nothing so changed to a 16' s finer hook and had a grayling .

But then nothing until about the 2nd hour when a quick bite resulted into a decent chub which i struggled to get past the reed bed to my right but eventually it surrendered to my net - nice , now i am happy. Thinking this was going to be the normal i fished for another 45 minutes and nothing . So i decided to drop my float in close and set up a heavy 15' rod with a 3gram Bolo and put some serious weight down in that hole to my right after about 5 minutes setting up as i was just fixing a hook to the line i heard something on my footplate - to my astonishment my rod had entered the water and the butt was about ready to go in . i just managed to grip the rod and reach for the real and let some slack go , no sooner than that happened the line was into the tree far side and ping ! - reckon it was barbel .

1.5lb Grayling

1st Chub

2nd Chub

Later i took another Chub and also lost one after playing for 30 seconds ! - dam it cost me a 2nd place in section

The whistle blew and we all packed up and a few of us were talking on the bank at my peg when all of a sudden a 'Blue-thing' came slowly moving down the water . It was preston keep net , just like Jamies where his was 80 years upstream ! - It was Jamies and quickly he entered the water and completed a rescue and bonus was all his fish were still there !

Peg 4 had 2 and lost 2 Barbel and with a few large Chub hit the 20b mark

Better than last time !

Peg 1

Back in the pub after and Match organiser completing the results sheet

Sunday, 5 February 2017

2017 - Coopers Lake at Weston upon Trent - MAS DAY OUT !

TEAM MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES had a day out on Coopers lake at Weston upon Trent a superb fishery with a fantastic restaurant / pub - definitely coming back to here again !

As per usual the last 2 matches my best friend for 50 years Michael Carr drew next to each other , well !? ......we did  it again as nobody sat on peg23. I drew 24 and Mick drew the carp peg on 22.

We had 14 of the 23 turn up and the purpose of the day was firstly to enjoy ourselves but also to come together and discuss the years matches and what and when we are fishing .

The god , the Master , the Chef , the one and only !

Mick with a 7lb pounder ....shame it did not count