Saturday, 27 October 2018

2018 - SVWL N01- October 21st

The start of the Winter league on the Soar Valley brings much excitement - how will it go ?

MAS Captain Lee Bennet being awarded some sponsored Bolo floats for his second year in succession qualification to the River fest final. Floats included Maurizio Schiepatti and Exner range .

MAS at breakfast

My draw was rewarding with a 150 metres from the HQ on Waterside Peg 1 the other side of the busy bridge .

Well , the match was an odd affair as for the first 45 minutes after a bombardment i was able to take my first silver fish ! ? Initially i had placed the black balls into my 7'-9' hole in front of me and continue for Perch close in .
After an initial few small Perch the 11m line came out and i took a few pairs of eyes with the odd dumpy . The rest of the match proved to be a scratcher  and i had amassed about 70 fish by the end , really hard work for 2.020 and beaten to 4th by 170 grams and beaten to 3rd by 2 kilos of fish by Chris Marks in last 30 minutes . - that is the way fishing is.

Great to sit outside with Chris Bucko and few others taking in a hard earned pint

Congratulations to Dale Lynch at Cossington who was first equal - but i and the rest of the MAS believe he should have taken first as there was some strange things going on in that section ?