Sunday, 25 March 2018

2018 - 25th March ,Trosa , East coast Sweden , Bagging !?

Great friend Jimmy Kungsman invited me to a fishing day at the famous Bagging town of Trosa . Last year he fished the canal section and took a great catch of fish , could it be the same today ?

Another great friend is Percy Bistram , stalwart of the Trosa SFK who arranged the days fishing by gaining the necessary paperwork .


I was loaned a tackle box and equipment from Johan Axelsson - Johan could not attend as he was quite ill like all the Swedish Ice-fishing team and many other countrys teams in their recent attendance at the World Ice fishing championships in Kazakstan - get well my friend.

On the day also met up with Johan Kidlund and his father who also fished for Sweden in the ICE WC .

 Jimmy and i started in the middle of the canal section where we expect to catch Bjorkna and big roach . Percy had brought a feeder rod with him and went into the town trying various areas for us to follow later . It did not look too promising as a very long cold winter and just recent melting of the ice and snow had led to a very cold temperature in the water plus a very low level in the sea , it did not look good !


After a couple of hours of intense fishing we decided to move into the town as Percy had comeback with the promise of activity !?  :)

Next position was opposite the famous Bohmans Hotel and incredible place to stay and eat , highly recommended .

Plenty of pole features to fish too.

Jimmy changed to the 7m whip 

Then excitement ! , a quick down movement of the float and i struck into it .

Soon it was brought to the surface .......not quite what i was looking to catch    :(

After an hour we decided to pack up and return home , just time for the catch photo  .........

The Catch photo ............

Well ! , you cant have it all as obviously the fish were not in the system yet . We spoke about returning in three weeks and definitely there will be some serious bagging returns .

Thanks for the day Jimmy , Percy , Johan and Johan .