Sunday, 31 July 2011

2011 - 26th July - Mill on soar and a match - last one before return to Sweden

       I decided to register for a match before leaving for Sweden , it was a normal Tuesday match and the local top anglers were there in force - Me thinks i would be up against it. I decided to get there early and register and pay my money then go back to the Bed and Breakfast and bring Carola afte rhaving breakfast first.
        I arrived at the water with 15 minutes to the start and by the time i had everything on the trolley and got to the peg , the match had started. I then proceeded to plumb up and have 4 match tops for up in the water and margins with 2 for full depth. Since the match did'nt start till 10:00 AM , it was 10:45 by the time i had baited up for the first time. Then the angler to my left told me i would be better of going to the island to my right which i remarked : 'but i will cast by the person to my right ' , he said no as the number of my peg was on a post on the island ! ......never heard of that  !. So quickly i organised my light feeder Maver 10' feeder rod with an arsley bomb and 15 inch link to an hair rigged 8mm RINGERS red boilie.
     Then i was 11:10 and i made a cast under the tree and fired out 15-20 8mm pellets and finally organised my bait table and set up other gear. Whilst doing this the rod was ripped of its rest and i picked it up in the water and started to play a rather large carp .........Slow but good start .

Panic button ! - trying to get set up at top speed - stress !

11:15 and i finally start ........with a fish , biggest fish of the day for me.

Phew ! - this carp is a good fight

Get in there !

Nice !

A brut !

In again

That will do nicely

My good buddy Chris Aaston cme down later to watch

More please !

The odd skimmer

The pub provided breakfast toasties which were huge ! ......i had jaw ache just eating it.

Put that breakfast material down - i'm in again !

Weighing time

A few nice Barbel came out

John Kilby on peg 7 and 2nd place 38-6

Huge friend of the years Tom Watt with some nice chub

Best fish of Daren Mores 36-8 and 3rd place on peg27

Terry Dobson had a bad day at the office

WINNER Mick Luman with 52-1 on peg 32

My turn


4th place on peg 34 with 35-9 - ouch ! should have fished from 10:00am !!


Fishery owner Dave Fletcher in his office domain

Well stocked shop - no need to shop anywhere else

In time honoured tradition we took a pint after the macth in the pub next door !

2011 - BLAST FROM THE PAST - more to follow

 Presentation of trophies in `81'

2011 - 24th July - Mill on soar and a local match

Back in Leicester and an afternoons viewing of a fishing match whilst taking a few drinks and some nice food at the Mill on Soar public house......Perrrrrrrrrrfect !

cheers !
Match viewing and a drink - where else could you get this - only England !

Superb place for the families

The club was called the Abbey club and they were from the Tamworth or Nuneaton area.

Never seen that trolley before ?

Fish on !