Tuesday, 27 August 2013

2013 - Sweden's Team SM Club championship - Norrkoping

        Norrkoping - the Bagging - Bream capital of Sweden as far as match fishing is concerned. The 24th and 25th of August is the scene for the invasion of the town centre by a 100 anglers representing  25 teams plus a smaller junior match not forgetting the bank runners , organisers and helpers.
       The sections were A , B and C outside the centre of town and about 400 metres away into the town is D section . The ABC are quite still in water movement yet the D is a moving stretch where the use of 30gram flat floats is possible.
       The event is run by the newly formed SWEA club and at the helm is a very nice fellow : Jocke Palmer , head of ZEBCO for the Scandinavia area and MD of Palmer tackle.

       I decided to arrive on the Friday and get a feel for the D section which i had intended to fish but i was let down badly with the bait order . Anyway i arrived at ABC sections where later i would meet up with Jocke and the rest of the SWEA disciples who attend the Palmer Browning church. Also my opportunity to gain the bait we ordered which was superb , the bronze was excellent . The worms were very good and they had generous amounts in each sack.


Got back to the accommodation where Johan and Jimmy had just arrived we steadied our nerves with a few glasses of red wine.

From peg 14 looking up stream to peg 25.....what a glorious section of water.

To the left to the bridge peg 7

Met up with Lisse Lind and later we were to fish side by side on pegs 22 and 23.

   The day was fished and i gained a 13th/25 and beat 4 to my left and one to the right . However Hakan on peg 25 did the business with his out and out aggressive fishing and his pedigree shone through , truly a great competitive angler as he took 5th place with 12 kilos . The MAU team managed to secure a 9th club position on the day with Erik Tikanen gaining a section 3rd.

We arrived back at base and decided to get everything ready for the Sunday before venturing out for 'eats' !

The Sunday commenced with a peg5 for me

Parking at your peg ....Ace ! 

Station at the ready

Great friend and foe to my right is the 'Storm'

The match started the usual with everyone taking Roach and the odd bream then it 'died' a little and the odd perch came through . Then i noticed that Marten Johansson on peg 2 after catching a few on the pole decided to feeder the far side in the shallower water .....and started to take good size bream . Jorgen to my right then started to take the odd bream holding back hard in the flow on a lighter float.
Marten continued to punish the Bream over the next 2 hours. it got to the stage where my head had gone after trying so hard to catch in my 6 metres of water that i also decided to feeder fish and immediately started to take several nice samples of bream . In the end i climbed up the table only to take over 11 kilos . Marten had 32 for 2nd place on the section and Jorgen took a creditable 20 kilos . 

Marten hauling the catch

 Great catch from a great angler .

16 kilos

7.5 kilos

Rescued myself a little with over 11 kilos ,shame i went sleep and should have realised the potential of the far side feeder.

One of the nicest guys in the Swedish Sport , a true gentleman.

Mr.Tono on peg 7 was entertaining all the passers by with his Tai-Chi gesticulations as he took a procession of good fish . He finished 4th with 29 kilos.

With a bonus tench !

The man the myth the Legend of the Constellation team ; Hakan , incredible thinking angler a credit to his club.

Thats all Folks for another year , what venue awaits us next year .

Congratulations to the 'South' boys : BALANS who won well over the weekend and will represent Sweden at club level next year in the club world championships .

Huge massive respectful ''THANK YOU'' to Jocke and the SWEA for a well organised event.

NOTE : I know that many people are buying from FIBE AB and they maybe satisfied with the bait but the feedback i have is that the maggots (Polish) are poor and turn quickly . I cannot say anything about the worm though. Worm , does FIBE sell Bloodworm and Joker ?
     Its a shame if people like Jocke who like Lasse before him have tried their best to provide a service and now the 'faith' of the anglers moves in another direction so how long before Jocke and Russ give it all up and your left with spurious suppliers like FIBE AB who never appear at major matches. (or do they ?)  
     Will FIBE start appearing at the matches in their refridgeration vans and also sell other essential tackle like Jocke did at the weekend ?  Does FIBE sell groundbaits ?  Do they sell fishing tackle ? So how can you expect the local suppliers to keep the faith and continue selling to anglers privately . Jocke may as well just sell from his shop and sell to shops forcing the anglers to take higher prices. However it is easy to purchase from outside the country but then you loose that faithful personal touch that these local lads provide.
    Think serious about your decision making on where your bait comes from  . Mr. FIBE AB is an aggressive man who will not stop until all the local bait boys have finished selling the bait . Then he can start making more money like his 10-12 million a year on Polish products. Its known that he has contacted the 'on the bank' suppliers and stated his intentions in very choice words.
     ..........then he can up the prices !?!?!   ....... remember , support your local dealer/bait suppliers .

Sunday, 25 August 2013

2013 - Fyrisan no 3 at Uppsala on the 17th June

Fyrisan Number 3 in the 2013 series at Uppsala and the anglers assembled full of expectancy to the days events.

Fished the bridge peg last year , it was tuff!

I think if i was living here i would be fishing this every hour of opportunity.

The 'Boss' giving us the rules as usual.

The draw commenced

Got to my peg and thought i would go with 2 mixes which would be a 'black' approach plus a light mix for some bleak.

Footbridge to the left

To my right are Lena , Rolf and Johan.

My office for the match, looks good but will it ......   ?

The day's winner .....Jimmy

Prizes kindly donated by Swedbait the competitions main sponsor .

Jimmy walks away with ground baits , T-shirt ,cap .

Young Johan took the last section with a nice net.

Everybody walked away with something.