Thursday, 22 September 2016

2016 - MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES - three MAS out at the GAC

Saturday 16th and three MAS men went fishing on the Greenhill AC waters at Thurlaston Lake and Moat . The result of this was an excellent day by all .

Report and pictures supplied by David Mellors

Saturday 19th September 2016 was Team MAS (Midlands Angling Supplies) Product Day Out in alliance with Greenhill’s AC Thurlaston Lake and Moat.

Day started out with Buffet Breakfast at the local Toby Carvery at Enderby before heading off to the venue. Previous overnight rain and cloudy conditions presented the anglers with decisions to make on which lake to fish, as it went anglers set up on both lakes with plenty of opportunity to try out others pegs and talk best options and learn new skills on the day.

Mark Footitt decided to fish the carp lake with paste 1 side at 5M whilst later in the session Groundbait with corn/Dead Maggot down margin.

John Kilby and myself decided to fish the moat lake which is around 13M wide full of Roach, Perch, Rudd, Tench and Chub with the latter 2 not showing on the day. 

Weight on day: Mark Caught Carp weighed over 120LB with best fish being 12Lb, all 3 anglers caught in turns using paste using a Sensas 524 Car Pole fitted with a puller bung to a 14 Hook and a self-cocking float using a range of baits for the Sensas Crazy Bait range to make paste and feed. Killer Krill being used as feed Groundbait with IM5 best used as paste for hook.
For John and Myself nets of over 14Lb of silvers including stamp Roach and Rudd backs up with Perch soon quickly amassed a net using Sensas Black Lake and Super Black Gardons
For myself a Sensas 974 Nanoflex pole  to 13M was utilised, whist John used a Sensas 934 Nanoflex Pole also to 13M, Sensas Match Puller kits / Side pullers incorporated Sensas Competition and Crazy Hollow Elastic in sizes 4-6, 6-8, and elastic’s from the J range.
Line used on all rigs was Sensas Feeling in sizes 0.16 to 0.14 hook length for Carp with 14 hooks and 0.12 to 0.10/0.08 for silvers coupled to 22/20 hooks

My 1st Rig: Sensas CCX4 4x10 float set up on Sensas Feeling Line 0.12 – 0.10 to size 20 Drennan Silverfish Barbless Hook,  shotted with 6no11 Sensas Green Coated Split Shot.
2nd Rig: 5M: Sensas CCX3 4x12 float set up on Sensas Feeling Line 0.12 – 0.10 to size 20 Drennan Silverfish Barbless Hook,  shotted with 5no10 + 2no12 Sensas Green Coated Split Shot.
3rd Rig: Sensas PP5 Maggot Pencil float 4x10 Sensas Feeling Line 0.12 – 0.08 to size 22 Drennan Silverfish Barbless Hook, shotted with 7no12 Sensas Green Coated Split Shot.
Depths on plumbing found 1.5Ft from top 4 to 12M so 3 areas where fed 2 with Groundbait and Dead Pinkie with alternating Pinkie/Maggot and Castor hook bait over the top. Other Area fed with Caster only.

Groundbait: 1 Bag Sensas Black Lake and 1 Bag Sensas Super Black Gardons for silvers. 2KG of Crazy Bait Killer Krill used for Feed for Carp with Dead Maggot/Corn with Sensas IM5 Grounbait used as Paste.

Product Tackle: Sensas Nanoflex 974 and 934 pole, Sensas 524 Carp Pole,  Competition and Hollow Elastics’, Feeling Classic Line, Green coated shot, PP5,CCX2,CCX3, CCX4 And CCX9 pole floats, Sensas Crocodile land net handle, Sensas Super Lite Landing Nets and Sensas Crazy Baits Crazy Rubber Floating Landing Net, Sensas Competition and Sensas Challenge Keep Nets, Sensas 670/760 Seat Box and Sensas London Luggage.

Thanks to Greenhill’s AC for the use of the water for this occasion and all the anglers from Team MAS for supporting their time and efforts for this MAS day out. Watch out for further updates from Sensas Team MAS on the website:
Tight Line Dave Mellors


David Mellors