Saturday, 12 May 2012

2012 - Feeder Cup Nykoping

The Feeder cup was started last year by Benni Steffanuti inline with the first World International feeder championships. Last year Benni was the winner , who will take the tropy this year ?

The days competitors are :

1.Benni Stefanutti
2.Rikard Bengtsson

3.Lars Bodén

4.Mathias Andrén

5.Rolf Wahlberg

6.Lena Wahlberg

7.Mattias Larsson


9.Phil Ackerly

10.Hasse Z

11.Johan Axelsson

12.Percy B

13.Stefan E

Ths draw time and after a few words of wisdom and guidance from the BS

Great looking platform from those Innovatative people at Preston Innovations

The bank was strewn with equipment

Feeder rods set up and groundbait mixed ......just need a peg to go to.

Draw time !


Lena and the rest to my left

I drew peg 9 and that happened to be the only peg where i did not really need to be in the water in my new chest waders i purchased the day before   :-))

Rikard and Stefan in view to my right

Feeder the whole day !

My bait Menu consisted of :
Lots of chopped worm and some caster and corn.
My tackle was 2 x Carbonactive PI Feeder rods loaded with PI 0.10 Braid on paternoster rigs with 75cm links to COLMIC N500 hookes ,size 10 and 12's on 0.16 line
Also PI Dutch Feeder 13'8'' feeder rod to Daiwa 0.12 braid and to size 10 Triana hook on 0.16 line
Feeders used were Garbolino.

Worm a plenty  !

Carbonactive and Dutch feeder at the ready

Maggot Mat in contemplation ......have i done enough to win ?

One of 5 weigh-ins for the Terminator with a total of 32 kilos - ish

Some great Rudd caught today

What a great idea from those clever boys from the Trosa SFK

Rikard to my right with a mixed bag of Bream ,Tench ,Ide,Rudd,Roach ,Perch ,Bjorkna

Okay-ish day for 21 kilos and a size 10s hook through my bottom lip !! ouch !!

Lena to my left fished a good match for a very nice mixed net of fish

Again those clever boys from Trosa

Johan with the best brace of his catch

Benni with a good sample of his 31 kilos

Trosa top-rod Hasse with a 5 kilo pike as part of his winning weight of 33 kilos and first place

Hasse with 3 good tench also

Satisfaction face !

Money and adulation time for Hasse

Mattias the Terminator took a close 2nd place

Benni took the 3rd place

1. Hasse Örtenholm peg 16, 33.100g

2. Mattias Larsson peg 5, 32.760g

3. Benni Stefanutti peg 13, 32.680g

4. Phil Ackerly peg 9, 21.350g

5. Jörgen Svennson peg 12, 15.430g

6. Mattias Andén peg 6, 15.040g

7. Rikard Bengtsson peg 8, 14.670g

8. Johan Axelsson peg 11, 10.330g

9. Rolf Wahlberg peg 14, 10.250g

10. Leena Wahlberg peg 10 3.300g

11. Stefan Eriksson peg 7, 3.180g

12. Percy Bristam peg 15, 2.780g

Congratulations to Benni for another match well run !

Back next year ? ......ooooo Yes !

Friday, 11 May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2012 - ARBOGA - Day 2

Day 2 started with a viewing of Tim's Mix

My peg was A3

Tim on my left on A2

5 TOPS  , 2 x 8gr EA2004 AND 1 x 6gr and 1 x 5gr plus a 15gr Cralusso Surf

Menu for the day

End of a forgettable match as it was only slightly better but Marcus had a few

Tommy was in for a section.

Anglers desperate for a weight of fish were resorting to eveything to try and increase their weight. (i picked it up )  .....not really  :)

Stefan with a small chub and 3 kilos

Kent with a few

Well ! What can you say ! .....that man again ! put everyone to the sword with a brilliant display of flat float fishing and took almost 12 kilos to the scales.

Jonkoping then Arboga , next ?

Prizes time and a few stepped up for their section and placements.   ....Anssi


Tommy on the section

Holst on the section

Tommy with a good overall placement

Top Man ! Tommy Ostland has been renamed Top Ostland