Monday, 22 April 2013


I decided to fish Trosa with Percy , Hasse and junior with our new member Jimmy . I had previously briefly tried to fish Trosa the week before without any luck and was fishing water a metre lower than normal.
The morning started with cold as the car shows only 2 degrees and i had a frozen windscreen so that was not good.! When i arrived and met the Trosa-onians a decision was made to fish the quieter water away from the influence of the melting snow water . It was also noticeable that the water was higher as the water levels in the Baltic were equalizing to a normal seasonable level.

The sun was particularly bright and kept you warm on a sharp breezy and slightly cold morning . I set up a DINO Carassi Lungo 0.75gr and a DINO Bream Long 0.5gr in just 1.5 metre of water.


Groundbait choice of the day was 0.5 bag of SUPERCUP with a bag of SECRET CLASSIC and some dead pinkie and maggot.

Jimmy , Hasse and Percy to my right . These pegs are okay for TAP as the local population have less chance of walking onto your kit.

 Well ! after about an hour and a half we were all fishless be it very pleasant sun in our faces . We then collectively decided to give the 'main stream' a go . So we spent the next 30 minutes moving our gear some 25 metres behind us and find a suitable fishing position inbetween the boats.

Jimmy did another hard mix and placed several samples into the hard flowing stream.

I put out the Feeder rod and fished it hard for 45 minutes without a knock on the tip !!

I also had a 7metre CASINI Bolo set up with a 12gram Cosmos DINO .

We all met again after a hard fought 1 hour we spoke about giving it a last hour before admitting defeat and taking the journey home.

I got back and decided to start throwing regular balls of groundbait/leam with plenty of dead maggot in  ...then to my surprise a fish !! ....nice roach of about 200grams quickly followed by another , is this the start ?

Jimmy to me left also hooked into a fish which happened to be a big ide but was lost at the net.

Then i had an ide

Jimmy started to get fish and took a small Bjorkna and a roach.

and again for Jimmy with a better sample......a skimmer bream

Nice reward for Jimmy's persistance.

The season has started , at last , they are here , think in another week you could have 50 to 80 kilos in a 5 hour session there .