Sunday, 21 February 2016

2016 - GREENHILL AC / MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES and a day out with the Stu Redman and some of the MAS brothers

              Some several weeks ago Stu had contacted me stating he has some free time to come and help with a promotion of my local clubs waters . We decided on February 20th and we had also the attending David Mellors and Neil Powell of the TEAM-MAS plus other members John Kilby and Andy Porter , the latter two being members of the Greenhill AC.
              I met the day's attendees at the Toby Carvery  as the Enderby / Narborough road island at St Johns as the lad's required their sustenance before the days action. I could not attend as i had duties all morning and stated my intent to catch up with them later to gain some good photographic work.

Stu already placing his character on the days proceedings.

Breakfast was all you could eat for £4.99 !!!

About 10:30 am i came down to the venue to deliver my advertising boards  and Stu was in Teacher - mode and i watched for 5 minutes , then i needed paracetamols so goodness knows what the brave 4 were going through. Stu does expand your mind to what is going on below the surface.

I made my escape before my few brain cells left could stand it any further from Phd of 'Fishing of the Redman kind'

End of the day and Neil (Top coach with 'pathway' ) Powell with an excellent threesome of plump perch ......shame the weather had not warmed up to entertain the wealth of population of silvers in this pool .

The author and his noted 'biggy'  ! .....well done Pal !

Top MAS - rod Davis Mellors endured a a similar Day to the rest and took three nice perch.

Peg 9 is really good in the summer , noted for 40lb Tench , 60lb Carp and 30lb of Chub and roach and Rudd.

Andy Porter another MAS - Top rod with massive ability to squeeze anything out of his peg was the only angler to take silver on the day.

 David Mellors  with a commendable 3 Perch catch considering the days conditions

Just when you thought it was safe ........A 'Redmanator' appeared !

Massive thanks to Stu Redman and not just helping but promoting the 'Sensas-way' , he put himself forward to assist and teach. As much as we all think we know it then along comes Stu and shows something else we can add to our armour. Huge , mega thanks and huge mega thanks to my lads ; John K , David Mellors , Neil Powell and Andy Porter to give their time to the cause of promoting GREENHILL AC WATERS and Midlands Angling Supplies ltd.

Greenhill AC besides the water  on todays review have further silverfish and carp waters at Thurlaston . We also have a brand new 30 peg silverfish lake under construction. Require to join GAC then .....

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Monday, 15 February 2016

2016 - Normanton on soar - memories relived

        Normanton on soar was chosen for this latest get together and the hands of time were turned back as we took the ferry across !? Memories of some 25-30 years ago were evoked as we all gathered our gear and walked down to the ferry crossing point . Its not changed in years it still has the grand large houses opposite with their majestic lawned gardens splaying towards the waters edge. The architecture also included the magnificent church which Adey remarked it could have been a jig-saw puzzle scene.
       The stretch was pegged out the day before by Tony and the pegging was well spread out and the work to gain access to the waters edge was minimal . I forgot just how good this stretch is with a huge distance behind you to able you to ship back the pole on a flat bank. The bank you fish on is complimented with a wide track which is occasionally used by the odd vehicle added to that are plenty of pathways for walkers and their dogs. I have to say its the perfect river bank venue to fish on , its wide with plenty of scope and the views are just awesome , its a real pleasure to fish it. Mr Ferry man completed the task in three trips and stated his return for 17:00pm .
        We drew the pegs and i pulled out peg 7 which i could only describe as 100 metres to the right of where we land in the ferry boat , so downstream . The match was 11 - 4 which gave us ample time to set up a few rigs . My rigs were a 6 N0.4 stick bulked down with 8 shirt button droppers. Also fished a CCX pencil with 15 styles down the line graduated and spaced out equally two-thirds down . My depth was surprisingly deep , estimated at about 10-11 feet . The river had just lost its chocolate brown colour and was just starting to tinge a little greenish . (Think in a few days time it could be perfect for bagging).
         I decided to use ground bait SENSAS Match Blend and SENSAS Lake 50/50 with Terre Rive leam with caster and pinkie in the mix. At the start of the match i place 8 balls at just 11.5 metres. It took 10 minutes before i had a few bites and a first roach on the bronze maggot. That followed by several more in the first half hour . The fish tended to drift about and you could only get fish in ones and twos but it was still pleasant to gain bites. I started to feed caster half way through the match and took 2 decent roach but again they did not stick around. To my left Tony was taking consistent roach be it small but his catch rate was higher so i decided to take a 10 minute break and watch the 'machine' in action. Tony was fishing at 16 m with a pencil float and strung out shot holding it back really slowly and swinging in samples on a top-5. He made me laugh when he said : ' Some people think i am lucky and knowing my luck i am likely to drop a fish off close to my feet in the reeds and go in with my hand and grab and even larger one !''   :)

         In the last hour Tony accelerated his catch and took some fine specimens to win the match with 6-10 . I tried for some larger specimens on the worm but it did not happen so i ended up with short of 3lb.

         Incredibly when we waited for the Ferry man to cross with the gear there was a wedding at the church and the happy couple were posing for photos as it snowed !! The bride had nothing covering her shoulders in her white wedding dress she must have been terribly cold ! They did gain compliments from the match crew as the Ferry man aided by his son took us all over in just two trips , trolleys and all !

         Last match in 2 weeks time that could see us back there but a chance of fishing the cobbles , Greens , 1860 is also a possibility. Let us know if interested ?

Monday, 1 February 2016

2016 - January 31st and out on a flooded river Soar with good company

As promised i must turn out for the QT4s , and with the Soar in full floor , it was difficult to get several sections of opportunity into todays action. I drew Kegworth and sat 3 metres up from peg 10a where the river wild met the still water and cocao chocolate was the colour of the day .

I had the perfect shipping-back hole

Peg 10A under a couple of feet of water

Target area where the slack and boils are .......maybe a handsome chub for me .......dream on Phil !

Feature opposite ....if i have a 20 metre pole    :)

Decided to long line as i had much debris and branches in the water and they were stuck and not easy to clear out.

Match was tough which was expected . My plan to fish at 13 metres back fired as i found to my dismay a obstacle at that distance that was some 4m long by about 2 metres depth and also had height as i noticed my 7' depth would often push the float up    :(   .So after 3 hook lengths were claimed i re-plummed the whole area and decided at 9m left and right . However the jacuzzi boils were ploughing in from the left so it was showing irregular flow and an feed i was placing was shifting in all directions. I tried for 2 hours to get a substantial fish but failed as i thought a bream shoal existed around these parts but none came my way  :(

In the end i fished on the surface and took sporadic bleak for about 70 units for 2-10.

Joe's fish with a good bonus fish .

The author with his Perch

Good mixed catch

The days top rod was Adey with a creditable 6-10