Monday, 1 February 2016

2016 - January 31st and out on a flooded river Soar with good company

As promised i must turn out for the QT4s , and with the Soar in full floor , it was difficult to get several sections of opportunity into todays action. I drew Kegworth and sat 3 metres up from peg 10a where the river wild met the still water and cocao chocolate was the colour of the day .

I had the perfect shipping-back hole

Peg 10A under a couple of feet of water

Target area where the slack and boils are .......maybe a handsome chub for me .......dream on Phil !

Feature opposite ....if i have a 20 metre pole    :)

Decided to long line as i had much debris and branches in the water and they were stuck and not easy to clear out.

Match was tough which was expected . My plan to fish at 13 metres back fired as i found to my dismay a obstacle at that distance that was some 4m long by about 2 metres depth and also had height as i noticed my 7' depth would often push the float up    :(   .So after 3 hook lengths were claimed i re-plummed the whole area and decided at 9m left and right . However the jacuzzi boils were ploughing in from the left so it was showing irregular flow and an feed i was placing was shifting in all directions. I tried for 2 hours to get a substantial fish but failed as i thought a bream shoal existed around these parts but none came my way  :(

In the end i fished on the surface and took sporadic bleak for about 70 units for 2-10.

Joe's fish with a good bonus fish .

The author with his Perch

Good mixed catch

The days top rod was Adey with a creditable 6-10

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