Thursday, 28 January 2016

2016 - River Soar enters its last 6 weeks of the season , its highly capable of throwing up some silver soup weights

6weeks till the end of the natural river season (which should be abolished )

The chance of some roach-soup weights

My reflections of Rothley and Cossington Soar in the early 80's plus some early season weights from the river Trent on the Coventry DAA waters at Thrumpton , section 2.

Rothlet soar

 Gary Envis with GAC record 37lb weight at Rothley in 1981 of roach on caster , peg 1 of the GAC length.

Same day and part of my 12lb dog roach weight at Rothley

Gary , again

Trent at Thrumpton with Tony Potter

Section 2 catch pleasure session after morning win at Rothley ........great days

Thrumpton shingle bank and a net of chub on tares and meat cubes

Rothley and match win

Top of the hill before walk down to Rothley stretch

Summer evening league , in July at Rothley , scrapping for a few LB

My Junior match squad , includes Gary and Paul Envis

 AGM and club sponsor Ken Fox awarding Brian Envis his just rewards

Greg Gamage ........passed on to the Roach river up above , miss him , RIP

 Phil Green , mega experienced angler with the GAC

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