Saturday, 24 September 2011

2011 - DM3 at Fyrisan - got to be Bleaking good ?


The final District Match took place on the canal at Fyrisan in the town of Uppsala 65km north of Stockholm. A magnificent canal about 30M wide with an average depth of between 3-4 metres containing alot of bleak ,roach,rudd,bream,perch,asp.

We all met at the convenient carpark next to the sports stadium .....

Busy area in the cold of the morning

Right hand view of the canal

and to the left.

 Additive for the groundbait Johan ?

Constellation's finest , the Bodd-Miester , when he's on the bank you know you have to fish well !

Draw time

Mattias 'Terminator' Larsson

Benni feeling for a peg




Anssi junior better known as Elliot

The match was a fabulous day for fishing in bright sunshine and pleanty of music from the local sports stadiium where fun things were happening. Lena with a nice 3.5 kilo catch.

2.5 kilos

3 kilos

Winner from Anssi Junior with 3plus kilos

Sun in my eyes with 6.4 kilos - should have fished the whole match on bleak instead of trying 3 x 15 minute spells on pole and feeder , but i dont think i would have caught up with section winner Tom with 9 kilos

Rolf with 5.8 kilos

Tim with the best small skimmer of the day - he tried to get things going on the feeder but in the end made up a good catch of bleak to get in a frame.

Mattias took no bleak prisoners and instead went shit or bust with 3.6 kilos of skimmer and roach  .

Section winner Tom with a masterful catch of 9+ kilos

Johan tried for the bream but in the end created a small bag of bleak for 3+ kilos

Mats with the best fish of the day ! - he needed some more of them to compete

Roger with 11.4 kilos and 720 bleak for 2nd in section

Benni 100gr behind Roger with a great catch

Bodd-miesters pudding of bleak

The man , the myth , the legend .....13.4 kilos of bleak in 4 hours !!!  ....800 fish ! theat 200 an hour  , thats 3 fish a minute !!

Next time i take the movie proper way round !!   doh !!

Kenneth totally glad of his catch ! or has he just found a hole in the weigh bag   ??

Prize time

Lena congratulated for her outstanding fishing over the 3 match series.

Stig the vet

Rolf in 8th

Tim in 7th

Mats in 6th

Kenneth 5th

The Legend in 4th

in 3rd

Roge rin 2nd

The years best is Tommy

The days best junior is Anssi's Elliot

The prizes keep coming

great match and well attended by 3 clubs - thats the end of the DM series and next years the MAU promise to bring you even better matches and events.

After the match we paid a visit to a very nice person for some toyzs

I love VDE  !

Shelved up and ready

Invested in a 7m Bolo .... A Casini !