Sunday, 11 December 2016

2016 - Sunday 11th Crow Mills - WIGSTON AC

Met with the Wigstonian lads at the Cafe there after we departed to different sections to try out the match lengths for next Sunday's FUR and FEATHER match on the 18th.

A few went to Kilby Bridge where anglers have taken good Bream + skimmers with large Perch to 3lb in recent weeks. A few went to the MANOR restaurant section . I went to Crow Mills and sat on first peg from the car park.

Selected 9m at 45 degrees to my left in the middle of the boat road and had about 4' deep . Another selection was at 60 degrees to my right up to a bramble bush over hang. Mixed a bag of SENSAS Match Blend and placed a golf ball in both with a few pinkies . First time in on my right took a small roach. Then waited 10 minutes before having two small bites with nothing taking !?  After an hour had about 7 fish . next two hours much better and took a string of Roach from 2 to 14oz and several good Perch to 1lb .

Floats of choice is EXNER Anette 0.2gr to 0.10/0.07 to 22's 3411and below SENSAS Stainey  0.3 gr 0.10 / 0,07 to 22's 3411.

On a cold day that was a really enjoyable session , looking forward to next Sunday on the F+F , what will they choose , the river or the canal ?

Friday, 25 November 2016


Only slight concern was with the pathway along the canal section to the open river , surface mud which was drying all the time in the wind and sun.

Would be a great place to fish as many fishing in turning on surface . Watched  a chub hit the surface as well as many roach as Pike we believe were herding them . Roach Soup !

Peg 1

Colour was dropping , not chocolate anymore , a little bit more dusty coloured . In another 45 hours before kick off on Sunday expect colour to be spot on !

It looks bad but was solid under foot through the puddle and helped clean the boots

A little bit tacky up to peg 7

CONCLUSION : Fishable certainly and with 45 hours to go it will be very favourable . Only 7 anglers won't make too much of a mess on the bank walkway , yes it will be muddy but imagine what 70 anglers at Sutton would do ?

DEEPS - TOP END - Flesh Hovel Lane 

Few puddles but drying out and ground is hard with hardcore mix in the ground - no worries !

Parking - no problems and no large puddles - drying out all the time

CONCLUSION : Track and carpark fine , bank side all dried-out as water never flooded over it . I would recommend re-pegging to fit 7 in and you would still have loads of space , re-peg and have 4 to the left of the foot bridge from the car park and three to the right. Few fish turning on surface.

GREENS - Did not walk the bank but if you fish top of the bank should be no problem - i reckon it could be won from here !  No serious puddles and think the top of bank never really flooded so more dry - Would advise to take top peg out on bend as racing through .

COBBLES - No worries ! , superb all the cobbles pathway is dry . Re-Peg and easily get 7 anglers in.- Small Fish topping , its pushing through but its steady smooth water and no boils. - Looks good and will be a lot further down by KO Sunday.

Shakespeare OMNI Top 4 found - very old , still with elastic inside.

PARKING COBBLES : - No problem , no mud , no puddles , stick to high bank to the right .

Entrance has no mud just hardcore - easy exit !

WATERSIDE -Early pegs 

Bank a little bit muddy but nothing serious as sun and wind drying out fast.

CONCLUSION - Fishable and could re-peg to get 7 in the first two fields and still have plenty of space as your not really long trotting. Don't think the bank would be a problem under the road bridge to the other 3 section pegs .

1860  - At least a foot inside its bank in front of the weir.  In fact is good slap water and 7 pegs together would be nice   :)   .......however looking at the pegs they appeared to be okay . You may have to fish up on the bank but remember that last time you fished here the water was very low from lack of rain from previous months . With 45 hours to go - no problem , get them stick floats out !

You can see the debris from the flood buy the bank was no problem walking , no surface mud at all .

Flow obviously strong and turbulent but has a few slacks near and far sides .

To summarise i would say all the 5 sections we viewed today are well fishable with 45 hours still to take the river level down .  Re-pegging could be required on Waterside but Cossington is fine . 1860 might want to be re-pegged as i think peg 3 between the trees needs more scope. A peg between 2 and  3 would help. Cobbles is perfect and get all 7 on the 'stones' as plenty of space there. Deeps looks lovely and needs a re-peg to get 7 in with plenty of space for all .

I think Sutton still has a part to play as not all sections will be good. Need to get opinions back on LEV/LEF , Little Meadow , Abbey ? i presume Proctors is out due to car concerns on the field ?

captains THE CHOICES are yours as we must know that if it all went down Sutton what would be the state of 70 anglers feet/trolleys on the pathway plus Soar lane would be horrendous . My feeling is to have at least 4 sections there , you just need to decide on another 6 .