Sunday, 20 May 2018

2018 - Nyköping Feeder match over 2 days

Second time out this year in Sweden with great friend Jimmy 'King' Kungsman so i took the opportunity to go with him to the competition however i did not have the necessary equipment to compete as i only took minimal gear over. Is decided to sit at the side of the match and pleasure fish with my whips and rod . The venue is Nyköping on the East coast and over the years it given up some great weights in various open matches. Its not deep as part of it is a rowing course , depth 1 metre at best ! , where i fished was about 60cm !

Back at my apartment i started two make a few rigs and scale up for a plundering on the Roach/Rudd and skimmers.

 Great to see so many friends not seen for last 4 years

Top Swedish angler Stefan Holz - Mr.2nd Place of the Scandinavian Masters , i believe he has fished 3 times to 2nd place against the likes of Milo Columbo , Klaus Fix and Tamas Walter. Unbelievable record to have against such good opposition . Just marvellous to talk to him again .

From my position the anglers were ready for the off - many had to get in the water and cut a gap through the reed beds .

My pleasure peg at least i don't get my feet dry - this used to be a golf range on water , yes ! you believe that , special balls that floated however the range ceased to operate many years ago and all the fencing in the water has since been extracted.

It was not the deepest of pegs and was strewn with snags but i enjoyed about 10-11lb - The Sensas '220' box i took over is rubbish ! , leg slippage all the time , oh dear Sensas what are you producing !?

Young Johan Kindlund was the weigh master and also the master on the day with 33 kilos 

Jimmy with a Tench and 2nd place with 28 kilos

Hasse with a 5 kilos Pike and it counts , some matches here do except them if they take the worm ! He had a total weight of 20660 - Hasse has won this competition several times before

MAU team mate Mats was not on the fish today

Results Day 1

Day 2 and i moved further away from the match and found a snag free area to fish - even though it was only about 50cm deep the fish were there as the water cooked under the hot sun .

A few large Rudd to 1.5lb came to the net

And of the day a better score for me with an estimated 20-22lb

 Colmic platform - very nice piece of kit

 The days winner with 28 kilos exactly what he had on day 1 - now its kit put away time .

Superb way of putting kit away - old pram platform and two strip of wood , pop it in the wagon .

Winners paid and time for a cold drink !