Sunday, 23 June 2013


Jimmy Kudman and myself spoke the previous weekend about travelling to Norrkoping to practice in readiness for the Team Championship in August . June i not a real reflection of how this match will perform however its a first introduction to Jimmy so he can gauge the depths of the venue and complete his rigs with confidence .
Typical Big ship canal ......Big ships !

What a great venue to your peg ......rumours they are planning a 5 day festival !?             Scandanavian Masters replacement ??

Car to the peg !

Big walk with the gear ;-))

Menu Caster ,Maggot and Corn

3 Top 4s of 2.5g + 3.0g DINO Ovo 0.14/0.12 to a Tubertini's 14's on the DAIWA Pink/White and 1 top 4 with Preston red 0.15 / 14's COLMIC N500

Great fighters are these Bjorkna's

Jimmy trying the Slider at 25metres

Jimmy nails a few Big Bream

The Final weigh in ....after the down poor soaking !

Had about 3 kilos of mostly small roach and skimmers 

Approx 35 kilos in one net and about 20 kilos in the other . About 30 Good Bream 1 to 2.3 kilo size and many Dog Roach.

Jimmy had many in the last 2 hours , this is part of his second weigh in .

Monday, 17 June 2013

2013 - Fyrisan Series match 1 - SWEDBAIT sponsored.

Last years Fyrisan series was agreat success and due to that emergence of the 5 match league then the sponsorers recognised its value . So this year Swedbait  Have placed a considerable amount of prizes and money behind the series especially with products from MVDE .
Further sponsorship from and Midlands Angling Supplies Ltd. were available to supply free floats sent by Denez at Dino floats

First match was to take place down stream of the Students sports arena . This was fished last year and it provided reasonable weights , how will it fish today ?

Beautiful setting for the first match of the series.

Quite alot of bankside foliage but easy to trample down at your peg .....only problem was those dam mosquitos , they did'nt go till that sun got stronger , i must have been had a dozend times on my back ....little beggars , hate them !

This is not so beautiful , graffitti ! produced by scum .

Men of MAU , Johan Tikanen with a sizeable wedge of money and Jimmy getting his energy levels up with a Skit-Macka.

Expectancy in the air as the competitors gathered for the draw

The draw started ......Rolf




Decision for the day , keep in black so i emptied a 2 kilo bag of Gros Gardons with a couple of bags of Pidgeon shit and 2 dark leams . The lighter gbait i decided a NO !

In the mix !

Corn Worm under wet towel due to strong sun and hemp

Tares ! ....why not , give them a chance. Maggot and Pinkie

Lena on peg 14 with a nice 3 kilos plus and a handsome Perch

Pierre fished a great match taking Skimmers at 5 and 13 m with a great weight of 6.2 kilos

Hasse to me left who started of like a train taking roach on treble maggot ....finished with 3 kilos plus

I had a shocking start to defending my trophy , i started late , and did not start fishing till 15 minutes into the match. Then i snapped a rig then re-rigged , then lost a hook on a 5 metre whip , - wtf !
Eventually i started to catch at 12metres holding back hard and picked up 8 skimmers in the last 35 minutes to get 3.5 kilos.Not a good day at the office !

Great catch of bleak

Well deserved bag of fish to my right

Jimmy Band of Brother MAU with 2nd best weight on the day

Rolf with a confident smile and 1st place ....great bag of fish !

Johan on peg 2 with 3plus kilos and nice skimmers

Johan after sniffing MVDE Super Black Crack !

Lena won the lucky draw of 5 free DINO floats

The Days master champion winner .....Rolf , richly deserved with a great performance.

He takes all the goodies , a full box of MVDE groundbaits plus Tshirt plus line plus cap plus catalogue plus floats kindly donated by DINO floats

Goodies !!

What a great day with many competitors walking a way with groundbait . T-shirt , line ,Cap prizes plus the FREE DINO floats.
More prizes to come in the next 4 matches in the series.
Big Huge thanks to:
SWEDBAIT for their kind donations and promotion of this series , their prize donations were the pinnacle of the days fishing , i believe the anglers likes the actions of Mr.Lennartsson's kindness towards a worthwhile fishing competition.

What a great start to the series with many more anglers waiting to fish .

Come and join us .......'LOCAL FISHING FOR LOCAL ANGLERS'

Big thanks to JOHAN for all his organisation skillls and getting all the pegs dug out plus organising the draw and prizes .......PRICELESS !

On a personal note : Anglers within a decent travelling radius of Uppsala , come and join us , this is a great venue in a great town. Its not a monster catch water but venue's where 20 kilo is possible and where Bleak catches of 15 kilos are possible . Come and join us !!