Thursday, 28 January 2016

2016 - River Soar enters its last 6 weeks of the season , its highly capable of throwing up some silver soup weights

6weeks till the end of the natural river season (which should be abolished )

The chance of some roach-soup weights

My reflections of Rothley and Cossington Soar in the early 80's plus some early season weights from the river Trent on the Coventry DAA waters at Thrumpton , section 2.

Rothlet soar

 Gary Envis with GAC record 37lb weight at Rothley in 1981 of roach on caster , peg 1 of the GAC length.

Same day and part of my 12lb dog roach weight at Rothley

Gary , again

Trent at Thrumpton with Tony Potter

Section 2 catch pleasure session after morning win at Rothley ........great days

Thrumpton shingle bank and a net of chub on tares and meat cubes

Rothley and match win

Top of the hill before walk down to Rothley stretch

Summer evening league , in July at Rothley , scrapping for a few LB

My Junior match squad , includes Gary and Paul Envis

 AGM and club sponsor Ken Fox awarding Brian Envis his just rewards

Greg Gamage ........passed on to the Roach river up above , miss him , RIP

 Phil Green , mega experienced angler with the GAC

Monday, 11 January 2016

2016 - WIGSTON AC - local match on GUC between County Arms and Whetstone bridges - January 10th

Ten piscatorials fished the sections between the County Arms lock and the Whetstone lock . This was the first time i have fished this section and it looked a treat . Peg B4 was my draw and as canals go , it looked okay .

I set up 3 rigs for the far shelf and middle, i also set up a 3m whip  if they start to crawl up my line  :)

Battle station at the ready

Paul Taylor to my left

To my right was a cold man from the browning stable.

End pegger

A bit cold in the shade

Peg B7 was active and took a skimmer first cast !

More skimmers followed , 5 in all .

Martin snagging loads of Tommys on the small punch but they were see-thro'

The local scum to break their fingers .

Adam had to suffer his float going down repeatedly , double squat on a 22.

End peg also took a few

 5 hours , one bite , one fish 1-7

 Paul Taylor 2 bites , 2 fish 1-12

Phil 9-1 , winner , just !    :)

Adam Nurse struggled for bites ......Not ........4-14
 Great day out with the Wigstonians

More matches coming up .

Friday, 1 January 2016


Myself and fellow directors are proud to announce the inclusion Gunki (Predator) into our range of products for 2016. As directors we are starting to try out the products and get to know their capabilities along with asking fellow anglers to also use the product with us.

In the office with the 'Gunki-stuff'

Certainly the branding is very good and the luggage is first class

Lures are excellent

  Fantastic selection of mini lures

Jig Heads

Brilliant selection of soft baits

2015 - New years Eve and out with friends at the Kilby bridge canal and learning some drop shotting

The last session of 2015 and its New Year Eve at Kilby Bridge.

Joe Oakes and father , Adey Reynolds and myself decided on the KB as the colour was so much better than further into the centre at Glen Parva.

I had a nice bag of Perch and a few hand sized skimmers and plenty of small Perch , Gudgeon and Rudd for about 6lb ish . Later Joe packed up and went drop shooting.

Joe caught 5 Perch in 30 minutes .....the Master !


Decided to meet up with the Wigstonians AC for their annual Xmas match for the Mick Holohan Memorial match and it was a dark and gloomy day that was set before us as match organiser Adam Nurse split the match into two sections either side of the Manor Restaurant

I drew to the Glen para side B2 and the day was a day of watch Martin to my right as he consistently found silvers at 8-9m and backed by two good size Perch. My day was hard to get two fish together and even a reduction down to 0.06 /22's did not help.

The weigh in :

 Adam Nurse on B7 with 3-12

Tom Pringle on B6 with 4-5.

Martin Haliford winner of B section on peg 1 with 4-15

Match winner on the day from A section was Joe Oakes with 10-10

There is a match on this canal this coming Sunday (3rd Jan) , draw 08:30 , fish 10-3