Tuesday, 19 September 2017

2017 - Ireland , Guiness and Hybrids !

Great week in Ireland staying at the famous Anglers Rest controlled by Francis Mc Goldrick  , Ballyconnel .

Had a try on the Woodford River thro the town as the World pairs had taken up the good local waters . We then went out to Killeykeen in search of the Hybrids and we were not disappointed .

Mick with a load of good roach / Hybrids

Another day we went to Eonis Muck and connected with many Roach

Great net of Roach extracted as quick as possible as the Pike were listening to the Dinner-bell
Hit 5 and only lost one hook length .....bonus !

Another day fished Eonish

Trip into Enniskillen to shop on Sligo road ......

Toy shop at Bait and Tackle - local float maker ......... be rude not to .

GARRADICE like so many lakes  ....... car to the peg

lAST DAY AND TRAVEL HOME ............ULTRA SAD !  ........Back again next year , hopefully twice .

Ferry home .......crying !!