Monday, 22 July 2019

2019 July 21st - Greens match and the match a week prior

Recent work on the Greens section allows us to have a match or two. With 3 new pegs in plus another one expected due to the size of the league this allows us to gauge the stretch to detect any bad areas and repair them in and out of the water.

First match was a story of end pegs mostly as Paul Greensmith took a handsome catch of fish in an area of Pike soup but that is where the silver soup is . To top of his catch a large 3lb plus Tench . Good backup weights in the 5-8lb region which is rather good considering the water was slow and clear and sunny !

Second match on the Greens and the same pegs were used and again it was a sunny day in most part however the river had benefited from previous rains that gave greater oxygen levels and the whole match length fished rather well .

The Greens at its best !

Sunday 14th July - Greens

Colin Talbot on peg 10 with 6-14

Gary Chalk on peg 9 with 7-8

The days winner Paul Greensmith  with 19-8

Sunday 21st July - Greens

Stu Simpson 2nd on the day and a good tench also , 6-10

previous week last in section and no Pike attacks , this week 4th and still no pike attacks !


The days winner was Ian Phillips with 8-8

Deserved !

Pictures of toil and dedication to this new league

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

2019 July 10th - GAC , Ashpole Spinney , Cosby

On Tuesday evening i pre-baited several pegs at the complex in readiness for a session the next day. The pegs were Peg 4 , 8, 9 , 10 , 22 , 23 , 24. I used 6 pints of hemp , 0.5 pint of dead maggots , 1.8 kilo bag of HINDERS 6mm pellets and used 2 kilo of ground bait to position them , mostly at 9 metres from the bank . I though that if the pegs feed was spread about then Mick Carr and i would stand a chance of any of the pegs incase there was anglers there before us .
We decided to fish peg 23 (Mick) and peg 24 .

Mick and i were soon into Perch and small roach on the maggot . Mick also was the first to take a sizeable fish with a lovely Bream

We had started fishing about 08:30am and by 10:00am Mick had a tench of about 3.5lb , a Bream of similar size plus some roach and Perch . I had managed 11 Ide on the bounce upto  1LB each and also lost a sizeable Tench . From then on till about 13:00pm i continued to catch a further 5 ide plus a big Hybrid and 2 Tench (4lb a piece) plus a Bream of about 3lb . I also had a spell of total Roach of up to  20 plus fish for about 5-6 lb .
Mick then collected another two Bream for about 3lb a piece plus 2 Ide ..........what a day !

We estimate that Mick had approx. 20-25lb and i had close to 35lb

Success to fishing Ashpole is preparation and pre-baiting can buy Hemp by the 25 kilo sack as well as Brown ground bait . You can also use any scraps off the dinner table to mix in with it and include Mole hill soil to help position your feed , it does not have to be expensive .
Bait on the day was maggot yellow and red on size 14 hooks but mostly using corn on the hook and feeding corn as well as another 2 kilo of ground bait , 1 pint of hemp and 0.5pt of dead maggot.

The weed maybe bad but on the clear swims you can enjoy a decent days fishing

Thursday, 4 July 2019

2019 - June 30th , Trent at Shardlow on John Taylors match

First river match of the season brought me to the previously cancelled match that John Taylor organises . His match organisation is well organised and supported , quire rightly.
After an excellent breakfast and the meeting up of many known friends the draw gave me peg 4 under the Cavendish bridge and i did not know what to expect on arrival underneath the bridge .

A builders yard

First view , very nice and just off the downstream wind with protection of a mass of willows to my right. Peg was slippy but i borrowed a few building materials to just get the box in the water .

All set up and ready to go .

Bombardment stuff was SENSAS GG and SENSAS Lake

Menu was varied with caster , reds , yellow/tumerics , tares and hemp

Match about to start and time to mortar in the balls , 10 all together at about 11/13m

I set up a waggler with a MAURIZIO SCHIEPATTI weighted MAMBA Peacock 3+1 gr float at 5-6 ft depth.
Also a Stick float rod using a DH Shouldered stick of 6x4
Top 5 with a 0.75gr MAS CL 
Top 5 with a 0.8gr MAS JO2 
TOP 5 with a 1.25 gr MAS SM1

First 10 minutes sprayed maggots on the waggler line about half way across but struggled to see the tip once the float went further to the left in differing contrasting light on the water .
On to the pole and first drop in secured a good roach and that continued for 1.5 hours with plenty of hand skimmers/hybrids and some bleak and gudgeon . 
The sun shadow started to get deeper under the bridge and the fish were reluctant to be in the sun part so i was having to fish 13/14m and chase them in the bridge shadow. However that struggled in an ever increasing downstream wind . I then turned to the stick float rod where i was able to actually control it better however the visibility of the float was difficult . I had a bad 2 hours but the last hour came back on and i used the waggler over the pole line and taking off a couple of shot the waggler stood out for visibility and i took a string of nice dumpy roach .

End of the match i weighed 7-14 and in hindsight i should have got further out in the water and stick floated it better . Still a great day and well done Paul 2 pegs up with winning weight of 14-1.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

2019 - June 26th , Natural soar at Loughborough

Mick and i purchased the Loughborough fishing book again and decided to fish the natural soar as recent rains had certainly freshened the water.
Our pegs were a good 7-8 foot deep and very little snagging the bottom. I attacked the peg with stick float and waggler but mostly and very pleasurably using the stick . Bait on the day was a maggot attack but also set my stall out for the tare and hemp .
A right mixture of fish was caught ; Bleak , Dacelettes , Chublettes , Gudgeon , Roach and Perch and one Barbel . Used a pint of hemp and two pints of maggots for a really enjoyable day , i reckon i could have doubled the weight on the pole as holding back was made difficult with a downstream gusty wind .

Mick next peg down took his share of Perch as usual

Safe platform

Good 10-11lb

Huge Barbel years to come

Satisfying fishing on a moving float day

Monday, 24 June 2019

2019 - Local Greenhill AC water at Ashpole spinney , Cosby , South Leicestershire

Even though weed is an ongoing problem with most waters and none more than true with our local waters myself and Mick Carr decided to visit the water for an extraction of the silver finest , how did we fair ?

Mick collected heaviest fish of the day plus biggest Roach of the day - all fish were stamp class

The Tench was hell of a scrap

No casualties - they all went back

Great day of float gozunda !

Great bag of Ide and dog roach plus a load of Perch

2019 - Ireland June 3-10th , Guiness with Hybrids on acid

Trip was cancelled last year due to Mick's motorbike accident and my moving house so we plumbed for a June trip , right or wrong ? Our destination was the usual at Ballyconnell with Francis and Pauline at the Anglers rest ..............what could go wrong ?

Go wrong , well , travelled 5 miles from Whetstone to the beginning of the M1 and a temperature situation arose ? Just had the motor serviced but the Heater Matrix pipe system was not in a good state so water (4.5 litre ) was lost !  Service station and AA arrived and a prognosis of making sure there was water in the system was the order of the day for the rest of the journey. 

We travelled onwards up North and stopped of at llandudno for breakfast as normal , this time we found a different place that was just the best . THE RABBIT HOLE between the railway station and town centre, a lovely clean place with character and the best bacon and sausage in fact i would say the best breakfast in town . Put this on your wish list when passing through .

           Suitably refreshed and nourished we carried on to Holyhead and first in the queue , the way we like it !

The rain , again made an appearance and along with the Biker lads we were first to get onboard 

Onboard , a front seat view was found ready for more refreshment and nourishment

Guiness ............we are on our way

 Dublin in next to no time - and first to go down the ramp , was this to be the perfect fishing holiday ?

After a few drinks on arrival at Ballyconnell we retired only to have breakfast next morning with the Master ofAngling , The myth , The Legend which is  Francis McGoldrick
 Also there was Karl Woodhouse

Michael with the breakfast

That night it was first of the evening meal

The night life at the bar

Yield ........just love the Irish road signs , another one called Calming.

Most nights the nightcap was a Baileys or Irish coffee

On the Tuesday we made the trip over the border to massive great friend David Herron who had pre-baited his local lake for weeks in readiness for our arrival. (Lake across the road from his farm house)

Get in there , bream heaven

All down to this Northern Irish gentleman David Herron

That night back in the bar

Because of all the rain quality fishing was at a premium , this is the Woodford river about a metre up

Next day we went Brackley on the Beach section

Not much to show for the days efforts

Same for me , i've had better days

Last day was Killykeen , great favourite of mine however previous days people have been blanking !?

My box is actually on the wall and the water was at least 3 feet up over normal

Mick took position closest to the bridge

Car to the peg - it does not get much better !

Great day , bites all day , Mick could not shake the Perch off but took a hefty weight otherwise

I locked horns with this crazy Hybrids just the way i like it

Probably 15 hybrids and 30 plus stamp roach ......... perfect last day

Last night and the crazy crew were in for a session .......omg could they not drink !

Mad as a box of badgers !

Next day home and coming into Holyhead