Sunday, 5 May 2019

4th May - Thorpe fisheries , charity match for Air Ambulance - 2019

Colin Talbot and team organise many charity matches and this year is no exception with a match at Thorpe Fisheries, Thorpe Constantine near Tamworth in aid of Air Ambulance organisation.

First time i have attended this fishery and you could see straight the way its well looked after with superb cut crass areas surrounding the perimeter complimented with excellent pegs on boarding.

The troops amassed in readiness for the expected draw but before that could be started the 'draw' for donated prizes was undertaken and many people had donated various items of fishing tackle and bottles of good stuff.

The morning was cool as the bank holiday weather experts had predicted compared to a year ago when the record weather of 29 degrees Centigrade was recorded. The night before saw the weather hover above freezing so what affect will this have on the proceedings ?

Today was a chance to view the brand new Halkon Hunt attire so MAS lads donned their optimum fishing regalia , their apparelled piscatorial clothing. L-R , Phil Ackerley , Mick Carr , David Mellors.

The MAS stitching on the arms of the pole jacket was very outstanding.

MAS - Purchasing manager Mick Carr - striking a pose , vogue, vogue, vogue !!

I drew peg 5 which had the wind side and angled into me but like any carp dominated water it had features i could mug a fish or two (well , so i thought ?). 
I set up a Maurizio Schiepatti HYDRA 0.75gr to a 3.5lb bottom to a TRABUCCO 666 16's hook. Also a Maurizio Schiepatti DRACO Carp 0.3gr for up in the water set at 2ft deep in a depth of 5ft.
For the margin i set up a Sensas CCX float 0.3gr to 5lb line and 14s hook for hopefully expected mugging margin fish .

Match kicked of and in first 15 minutes Mick Carr on peg 2 took 2 feeder rod carp and i noticed way to my left a pellet waggler carp was taken but not much else . I had fed a top 6 line with ground bait and corn and caster and also my margin line with the same . After 15 minutes on the top line i decided to fish the same distance but up in the water . Maggot on the hook , first drop in , down it went a 10oz roach ! .....Umm , what shall i do ?continue on this line attack and build up a back up weight for an expected carp catch later?  So i decided carry on but with the chance of a carp up in the water i placed the rig on a tight 8 elastic . For the next 3 hours i just caught roach and even close in however the gudgeon were coming of the deck to feed . I knew that the guy to my right had 2 small carp and lost 3 foul hookers. Others in my section were the same with either one or two carp. However i kept the trickle of corn and caster being added to the margins and waiting for some tail wagging .

Into the last hour and the roach were getting larger and i was catching on caster and 15 minutes to go a noticed tails so i went margin hunting .........nothing , mistake ? Come the weigh-in it proved costly as most weights were 7-9lb in the section , come to me and i had 10-3 of Roach only to be beaten by angler to my left with a barbel and a carp by a margin of 4 ounces , something i could have surmounted if i stuck to those roach in last 15 minutes , hindsight its a beautiful thing if you get it right . Second match on the trot i have been beaten with ounces to the section.

Mick with his 2 carp + bits 

If only !

Massive well done to David Mellors with a 47lb 2nd place catch , he didn't have his first significant fish till 13:00 pm !

Great net from the canal-master

The day's top 3 with organiser Colin Talbot. Note that Dean Cherrington also took a section prize. Another MAS lad John Kilby came 8th overall with 23lb .

Monday, 22 April 2019

21st April - Moira Furnace canal

I decided to get back to the Furnace and get back to doing better than my first trip there a few weeks earlier . The match run by those Starlets , last years 2018 AT Pairs champions , Paul Middleton and David Gough.
At the draw it was great to meet up with Lee Bennet and Carl Lynch plus Tim Kinson and the draw gave me Peg 9 which i was happy about as it was almost car to the peg .
The peg was approx. 9 metres across and it appeared to be a steady 3.5 feet deep the water had some clarity to it but overall a nice tinge of green in the water .

The days office

To my right into the basin

To my left

All set up in the shade at the moment but the sun is expected to beat down later so suntan cream was administered .

Decided to fish all different floats on 4 tops and two whips

All set up with a small mix of Green Swimstim and 3 pints of pinkies/maggots and caster

1.5 metre whip with Maurizio Schiepatti Mercury 0.3gr

Floats for halfway to three quarter were a SENSAS Jeff 2 0.2 gr and a Maurizio Schiepatti Venus 0.2 gr

Bagging rig (hopefully) is a Maurizio Schiepatti (Carbon) 0.4gr with tight string of no 10/12 STOTS

Far side was an EXNER 0.2gr Anette

4.5m whip with a 0.3gr EXNER Nelli 

David Gough - 2nd on the day

Paul Middleton - 1st on the day

Charlie Gooch - 3rd on day

8-7 for me and 4 oz short of the section - should have fished close the whole match really

Also discovered the snagging ?? 
Most photos of the framers courtesy of Middleton/Gough photo media productions

 Next match on 12th May - This time i will be all systems go with tactics.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

BIG ONE show Stoneleigh April 13/14th

I had been planning for this show for a few months stealing time in between my main stream work over in Denmark. Much of the work was checking my stock and making sure of the pricing as i control 3,200 parts in my Montage of products . Finally the 12th April appeared and Carola and i drove to the exhibition halls to set up the tables and carousels with both of us suffering with bad colds and Carola's cold now supported with antibiotics . After an afternoon of setting up 5 carousels we departed for home and rest ready for the next days opening action.

On the Saturday we entered the hall and exchanged opening encouraging words with Sean Ashby and Lee Harries later to see Aiden Stokes, all of us were full of great expectations , will it be so ? . We had one carousel to get ready and just when we thought it would be done the organisers let everyone in 30 minutes earlier , great !The start was quite encouraging and first 3 hours were good but by lunch there was little going on and that remained the same into the afternoon. The same pattern was for Sunday also .

 Poor Carola she had been with cold for 2 weeks and still working at school

Good friends John and Katey Kilby

David Mellors also was there collecting his Halkon Hunt we recently purchased.

Trevor Newey

Paul Taylor and Joe Oakes

Phil Mattock

Colin Talbot in the centre

Well well , a blast from the past , last seen in 2011 in the Swedish Scandanavian Masters , Klaus Fix .

Did not recognise him with his shirt on !!!

Sam Merry and son no1 turned up

A right pair of bouncers

Mark Pollard floats compliment on display

Rogues gallery

For me as a small outlet i would say the show was an average success as i have more recognition through my online customers . The show has time to grow for next year as its been years since last shown in the Midlands .