Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - Södertälje canal December 31st and -7 and cold but sunny

Set a new record for fishing in Scandanavia with a visit on December 31st - a few hours fishing on the local canal with the promise of Johan making an appearance.
Greeted with a hard frost on the car which took several minutes to clear

Took a small bag of 'deads' out the freezer the night before and immersed them in hot water and left them on the front porch .

- 6 Brrrrrrrrrrr!

DeFrost inside was taking sometime

Familiar site of the Astra Zenica facility.

Alot of boats passing this morning

The Mornings menu

Did not set up the pole as my hands would suffer so i opted for fishing with my TRIANA FX449 90 whip with a 5gram Milo Texier to 0.10 bottom and a Sensas Feeling 3050 18's.

The depth out there typically alternated but i think i had just over 3m depth

Another boat

Beautiful day be it a little on the cold side

The man , the myth , the legend had arrived and was going to fish the rod.

Mr.DJ Krazy setting up a 17' Bolo

End of the 3 hour session for me and 90 minutes for Johan was ......ZERO fish! .....oh well thats fishing , maybe some bloodworm and joker may have extracted a few fish, still a nice day out . See you all in 2012

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 - Södertälje canal on the English Xmas day - 25th December !!!

The weather reports indicated mild weather for the Xmas period and with the tail-end of a Hurricane that had travelled from the USA it dried out any snow formations in our area. So , with +10 degrees available i could not miss the chance to fish so unexpectedly late in the year.

Travelled as light as possible

It looks dark but i was setting up under a street lamp

Somewhere down there was the waters edge

My mix for the day was Traper leam and Mondial Black Bream from

and VDE Super match from

I started and had 2 roach immediately then blanked for the next 30-40 minutes . But then the Johan Pickering-Tikkanen arrived and was soon set up and 'in the mix'

I used the Dino Super carp R 2.5gr float at 3m depth fished at 11m with 0.10/18 Sensas Feeling hook. I wanted the float to be stable in an increasing wind situation. The canal had quite a strong tow from left to right .

Perfect !

Johan set up a slider

and the pole

Local anglers came down for a chat and as the sun got stronger the fishing got worse with no bites !

Then with a little bit more concentration Johan especially started to take a few fish.

End of a great weather day but a poor fishing day for some strange reason ? My net contained only 5 roach ! and Johan had doubled that with 11.

Great to get sun rays on your face for a few hours this time of the year. My day got brighter as when i returned home i decided to read the first chapters of my local hero a kind gift from Johan at Xmas , with a glass or 2 of red wine , off course !

Sunday, 11 December 2011

2011 - Sodertalje kanal December 11th and out with the Tubtikkanen

With a break in the weather Bob Nudd's brother and i decided to meet up at the usual place opposite Astra Zenica. I got there about 8 and was set up by 9 and then Johan came. The wind was cold and also at us but i was bearable to hold the pole but later i used my cut-off gloves.

Still a little on the dark side in the morning but still managed to get set up okay

Menu for the day was VDE from Swedbait and Trapper leam from Metebutiken

Parking at your peg !

Just potted in 3 balls laced with dead maggot and pinkies and dropped the baited rig on top and its time for breakfast with a cup of tea and a breakfast sandwich made by Carola


Johan was trying out the pole he bought recently

Tubertini rules !

Johans hands turned several shades of blue and we decided to finish while the sun showed a rare appearance - so we made good our escape before it started to plummet to -5. Johan has some 20 fish including skimmers and small ide ,roach and perch.

Not bad a tall with 40 fish approx. and mostly sizeable ones for about 3.5 kilos

Really nice dog roach amongst them

Bjorkna ....had 3 of them

Dog roach .....had to use the landing net several times today

the end of our fishing day at about 14:20 the wind virtuallt dropped and the sun was out and the whole of the kanal you could see fish rising to the surface , not many but there was quite a few.

The days fishing is a record for us as its December the 11th and the previous best had been a December the 6th 3 years ago.......if next weekends weather is reasonable then it could see us out again. Great venue.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

2011 - November 26th on the Sodertalje kanal

It was declared yesterday that Sweden has just witnesed the warmest November for 130 years ! It seems to be a record every year here in Sverige , but its the same everywhere. Taking advantage of this extended period of available fishing i decided to meet with Aciiiiiiiiiid Tikanen at the Sodertalke kanal to see if the roach shoals were massing in the town for the winter.

Car to your peg what more do you need ?

Travelled light today !!!

Da mix today : Started with 2kilo bag ofVDE Turbo black with caster ,dead maggot and pinkies

It filled the 17 litre bucket up a third way.

Layout for the day

Its a huge kanal with depths from 3 - 10 metres in front of me

I started fishing at about 08:15 and during the process of plumbing the depth the rig got stuck on the bottom and i pulled for a break and it snapped at mid-way !......never expected that !. So i rigged up again using a DINO SuperCarp 2.0gram to a 0.12 bottom and 18's Sensas feeling hook. Also had another Dino of 1.5 gr also set at 2.75 m depth which was off bottom by 0.2m and the other rig was 3 m and touching bottom all at 9 metres.
After an initial cupping in of 7 balls i had my first indication after 10 minutes but it was a few minutes later when i had my first roach with a pike chasing it to the surface .I caught steady for 2 hours amassing 56 fish till Johan and Lucas came back from their walking Piking down the bank.
I started to accelerate in the catch rate and got more response the more i fed but the pike attacks continued . I hooked a pike of about 2.5 kilos in the mouth on 4 pinkies !! and landed it . About 30 minutes later i hooked another , so i thought ? and it was at a time when Johan and Lucas were setting off in the car to Persagen to try their luck with piking there. As they started to drive off i managed to wave them down and they came to help as this fish was certainly more livelier than the previous , in fact it had stretched my no.8 elastic almost all the way out on its first run !! When Johan stepped into the water with the landing net he suddenly said : 'Thats no Pike!..... its a trout ' ! .....but seconds later he said :' No! its a SALMON' ...but later it was confirmed as a Sea Trout.

Check out great films and pictures from Dr.Johan

SEA TROUT on the pole !

Johan checking the Aadipose fin status and he confimed it was a natural SeaTrout

Okay .....viewing time !

I got to a 100 fish and decided to mix more groundbait and i finished on 152 be it many were small fish.for about 7-8.5 kilos-ish