Wednesday, 27 February 2019

2019 - 27th February , practice on the Sutton Soar with Dean and Colin

You could be forgiven thinking the three of us today were in June instead of February such was the strange warmth and total sun we endured. As part of the 'river' team in readiness for the competition for March 10th we decided to meet up with Captain Dean Cherrington and use the B+J . Under Deans's scrutiny we applied our measurements of ground bait / soil / leam / so much joker and we all fished in a line using same methods which was all pole at 11m to 14m .

Well ! less said about the first 2 hours as neither of us gained a bite ! However Dean started to lay on and fished a rig over depth with 4 blood worms and he extracted a decent 1.75lb Perch . He took another later with a decent roach a bit later . Colin and myself were fish less at this point and i started to walk the bank looking for inspiration.

It was later in the afternoon that i took a rest and laid my pole down at 5m and i had a bite on red maggot . Tried again 15 minutes later and float down and a decent 5oz roach came out . I started then to fire consistently 7-10 maggots over the balling line and went out on my light 0.5gr SENSAS Abbieville float with shot spread but tight and 20's SENSAS 3405 hook and as the sun got lower in the sky the fish came on , be it slowly and all three of us took 10 plus good roach up to 8oz .

Conclusion of the day where we fished on pegs 62-63-64 , dont draw these pegs and the need for a cloudy day would somewhat help .

3 x top 5's with Maurizio Schiepatti 0.75gr , Abbieville 1.0g and later 0.5gr , MAS-Sam Merry special.

Office for the day

Early morning mist and cold cleared and we were soon in T-Shirts

Dean fine tuning rigs

Colin also tuning

Dean master class in getting the b+j correct

End of day - very slow start and near the end we took some good weight builder roach.

Dean with a large Perch , roach and skimmer

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

2019 - David Mellors on MARK POLLARD float range

Recently good friend Browning - MAS backed David Mellors and i discussed the obvious qualities of the MARK POLLARD float ranges . Dave spoke of his experiences with these floats and how they have helped improve his fishing as belief in your tackle gives you an edge to a better result

(Mark Pollard) MP Floats
A number of Fishing friends have asked me about the (Mark Pollard) MP Floats I use and why so would explain a little further. 75% of my current fishing nowadays is utilised with these patterns, I currently fish waters I am happy with and my availability of sessions dictate that I try and carry as less tackle as possible but with the knowledge of having a rig for all occasions.
Have used the range from around 2015/2016 when in the Blue Format of the Range to now the current Black Version.
MP1 is the classic silver , delicate fish pattern with the wire stem for extra presentation and fine antenna with bright tip to dot right down to see shy biting fish, Most of my Canal and Natural lake work up to 5ft are go to number 1 pattern nowadays. 
MP3 is a Patten I carry and use when there may be tow or slight flowing water due to the shape of the body that sits better for presentation or alternatively can be used for bigger baits holding back or to hold the deck or lay over -depth on the bottom.
MP 4 accompanies this range and is my all round float due to the carbon stem for sensitivity or alternatively to hold bait down on the deck if required or shallow off bottom work with a thicker tip aiding presentation, Varity of baits from pinkie to worm and corn to Pellet the floats performs just as good for all these occasion’s.
MP7 is a more classic dibber style for shallow work, either up in the water with Varity of baits to far bank on snake lakes or canals in inches of water to avoid fewer disturbances with the ability to support bigger baits if required.
MP Roach is the classic Roach rig for variety of baits and depths in still or Flowing and deep waters due to the nature of the rig and bulbous body to allow perfect presentation  whilst having the  carbon stem to help and aid sensitive presentation.
MP Roach Wire is the latest addition to the MP range and features all the attributes of the original Roach Rig but this time with a wire stem helping when fishing in windy conditions. A long, wire stem helps keep the float stable while it also helps ‘cock’ the float quickly in the water and reduces the amount of shot needed.
There are other Floats and styles in the range that might suit you’re angling requirements, these are just my personnel favourites and go to floats for many occasions.
Other info at Mark Pollard Fishing Days or Tackle shops up and down the country.

Polly ground baits in strong re-sealable 1.5kg bags