Tuesday, 28 April 2015


       Had a day off and decided to fish the Ashpole Spinney for the first time since the introduction of the dye. Was not sure how it would fish considering all the recent cold mornings with the promise of a cold wind and rain later .

SENSAS CCX range of course !

Direct approach with maggot and hemp and a little ground bait

View to my left from peg 4

 View opposite

 To my right

Peg 4 ready to rock !

 First fish
 2nd fish

3rd fish ........going for the species

 The slightly bigger lads started to show

 Beautiful specimens

 A few larger Billies started to show

 Tench started to get bigger

2.5lb Tench of the day

The LEGEND ! .....Brian Envis catching several Tench on the corn

Several Tench , Roach , Rudd , Roach/Rudd Hybrids , Perch . About 75 fish for approx. 13LB in 4 hours . Last hour was awful to fish as the cold wind diminished the bites ......It was bloody winter almost , brrrrrrrrrr!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

2015 - GREENHILL AC - A day on the Moat with some special friends

A glorious sunny morning be it a cold start to the day as my instrument pack was showing 2 degrees mean't it could be a slow start for the fish to feed but i was confident that the days honoured guests could extract the best out of the water . Today's event was organised to bring together distinguished Leicestershire match anglers who regularly grace the 'shires' waters and find time to help the club promote their waters to further the population of the club.

Firs time visit to all three of our guests

 Even the horses were wrapped up on this rather cold morning.

 Pete had Peg 7 with John Kilby on 8 , Sam on 10 and Joe on 11

 Joe on the plumb

 Sam on the plumb

 Sam in the mix

John on the plumb

 Much banter on the bank and moving around as the cold was awful in that east wind... brrrrrrrrrrr!


Most of the guys set up at least 3 tops using ultra light sensitive floats 0.1 to 0.2 gr to fine hook lengths on 20 and 22's fine gauge hooks.

 First to show with a dog roach was the Master class a very 'Likely lad' Mr .Pete Jayes

GAC-MAS angler John also started to take a few early samples

 Sam the man also into a early sample

 Sam started to find the fish far side amongst the old reeds in the shallower water where the sun was warming.

       The hoods were up most part of the morning as the guys shielded their heads against this cutting east wind.
 Joe on peg 11 started also to gat a few samples

 Chairman Bill made an appearance and also wanted to see old mate Pete

Sam left early so finished at 12:30pm as he was going to watch the FOXES v SWANS in the afternoon ……….COYB !

 Sam presenting 2 of his better specimens

Typical Sam he had to get the fish of the day be it an aquarium fish !

Joe's peg proved tough 

John with some nice samples

 The Hemp-Master with some dogius roachius. Pete enjoyed it that much he joined the club on the day , welcome Pete !

The Lake 10 yards away proved too tempting for Joe so he had 3 carp in 10 minutes 

The days pictures were taken by Midlands angling supplies ltd in aiding the promotion of the Greenhill ac waters.

     COMING UP : Pete , Joe and Sam have promised to return again and complete further articles on the Carp lake at Thurlaston and the Cosby water Ashpole.