Wednesday, 8 April 2015

2015 - Greenhill AC - Ashpole Spinney , Cosby .

Early morning mist after a cold night caused me to arrive at 10:30AM just as the sun broke through and everywhere was Blue !

Peg 9 between the islands i fancied

4 SENSAS floats of the CCX calibre were my choice with SENSAS line and barbless hooks

To the right

to the left

Lunch board

In front with the carp stirring on the surface

First fish a decent roach

Then another

Double maggot the winner

First Tench of the day

and again

Decent Perch

and another

Tench starting to feed

Then a fully scaled mirror of 3lb

SENSAS CCX and PPR are my choice

The days total

The catch 

Problem …..the weed has just started to grow

Problem , another Pike spotted , at the sam time Sam Burnside had spotted another 2 !
These need to be exterminated ! Please have a go with a spinner and take them home to your cat or eat them. We have enough Perch in the water to keep the balance , the Pike are an unwelcome over-balance.

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