Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2013 - May 12th Waggler Cup Nykoping

After the Feeder cup match the day before the anglers returned for a Waggler match only . This is a great idea considering we see too few waggler matches in Sweden . 16 started for this match which is expected to have decent weights but the weather could play a part plus as yet the greater size Bream shoals are not in yet.

The early morning sun gave a beautiful glissening on the windy water .

 The pegs are drawn and most people set up 2 to 4 rods only

Johan the 'AXE' Axelsson to my left started to pick up a regular amount of good size skimmers .

Well the match was not a spectacular as small fish dominated and the better anglers chose a match of not too much feed and fishing worm of the bottom in a metre of water ! . If you put in too much feed  (like i did) then you were pestered with bleak and very small roach .. You needed a good size bream shoal to come in but on the day it did not happen also the wind was very strong towards the end and you required to put 12-16 wagglers on to get it out there.


Percy with a nice slab

A nice pair

The days winner Stefan Holst with 19 kilos

Jimmy , latest recruit of the MAU fishing club .

Holst 1st

 Axe 2nd
Terminator 3rd

Monday, 27 May 2013


The Feeder Cup at Nykoping has recruited a lot of interest since its conception by Benni a few years ago and this year is no exception as 20 anglers have joined the days competition . The increase is due to the new room available since the local defunct golf range decided to give up business and allow some proper sport ! But the real reason is the expectancy that everyone has for good early season sport with the migrating Bream and the Local tough Tench not forgetting the many large Rudd.

If i had a choice to live somewhere in Sweden then this would be on my top - 3 . Homes right next to a great water course which contains excellent fishing.

Preperation was so important to get the boxes and bait tables settled in the muddy water and reeds

Hasse was to my right and was last years winner so i had my work cut out to beat him.

Match started and it was 5 casts of feed then bait up and start.

I stood inbetween the bait table and box and decorated the table with all the essentials when feeder fishing like plenty of spare feeders , hook lengths and of course groundbait and worms !!

I had 1 x 11' Carbonactive and 2 x Dutch feeder 12'4'' from the Preston Company

Slow start with Fredrik and Vince to my left and the initial 15 minutes only realised small Rudd and skimmer.

Then the master plucked a nice 1.5 kilo fish

Then he took a second one straight the way !

I then took a big-boy of about 2.2 kilos

Well the match really never got going and you could sy that due to the late spring start everything was 2 weeks behind . The people who did well did the simple things without overfeeding it . At the end a weight of 25 kilos was the top weight , its normally double that .

Weighing time

Most of the lads took a few nice fish but the nets were dominated mostly by smaller fish
Stef with a nice specimen

Percy with a quality Rudd

The days winner was Rickard

Hasse to my right took 17 kilos

Just 14 kilos for me

Vince had half his fish in the last hour to get 18 kilos.

Great match and organisation and i will be back next year and hopefully this time Spring is on time !!

Friday, 3 May 2013

2013 - Trosa May 2nd - have the fish arrived ?

It is Trosa , where else for magical fishing experiences .

Bohmans Hotel opposite

To my right hand side is the parking area

My favourite place for 'bagging '

Early fish were not my Target species , they were Smelt , Norrs in Swedish .

Then came the Bjorkna (hard fighting Bream )

I have a friend enjoying the sunshine

Not a bad snake but big all the same

Ide then came to about a 1lb size

More Bjorkna to a 1 lb

Easy fishing using 3-6 metre whips

Fabulous day , took some critisism on Facebook where i placed the fish in this picture . I can assure you that the net on the left was on grass and the other net was on tufts of grass , soil and very small flattened stones . All fish returned swam of and i had no fatalities . The inside of the next contained few fish scales also. I estimate that the net on the left contained about 80lb (36k) and the other about 70lb (32k)