Sunday, 23 September 2012

2012 - Trosa 23rd September - small match amongst very good friends

The weather was changing for the worst today as the wind blew cold and the canal was coloured and fast . But we met up with our great friends from the Trosa SFK and we were warmed !

Match started off well with most people catching then i took a bonus ide

Enf of the match and the 'AX' with a nice mixed bag.

Top rod Hasse with a good bag of predominently skimmers

The Perc with another great bag.

What a fishing heaven Trosa is

2 nice specimens and a mixed bag

Johan K 1,680
Tim 2,460
Johan Ax 8,780
Hasse 11,180
Percy 6,860
Phil 11,340

Saturday, 22 September 2012

2012 - small match at Norrkoping

Norrkoping ! A wonderous venue and full of fish . This venue was fished a few weeks earlier and alot of fish were being caught so a 'knock-up match' was declared.

Adell and Engvall were the organisers

Sticky mag - feeder groundbait and pole line groundbait.

Initial pole line feed

Kent taking some nice specimens on the slider

Kent in 2nd place with 54 kilos

Christer in 1st place with 58 kilos

Stefan Holst in 3rd position with 49 kilos

Saturday, 15 September 2012

2012 - Fyrisan - River series september 15th

River series no.3 at Uppsala downstream from the University sports stadium by about 1km. Only 6 of us met for this match as the Trosaonians were fishing a DM match elsewhere so our numbers were down a little but Myself ,Johan ,Rolf ,Lena,Jimmy and Pierre all attended.

Cars were parked close to the water

The battle ground ! a little overgrown but Johan and Pierre had made a few gaps for us

My menu for the day was VDE black turbo with VDE Natur and grilled crushed hemp with 1kg of leam peppered with some dead maggot and a few casters and a sprinkling of pinkies and corn. Bait consisted of maggot ,pinkies and worms . Also had Mondial 'Surface' ready for the bleak

I started by placing 8 balls on the 11m pole line and catapulting several balls to the far side on the feeder line which i estimated to be 2.5m deep to the ledge.

I had a 6 gram Milo and a 4gram Milo set upfor the pole line with a 5 , 4 and 2x3m whips for the expected bleak bash !

I started on the feeder and took bites straight the way onl y to be disappointed with 2 bleak in 2 casts ! So i went out next on the pole line only to get stuck badly on the bottom with my 6gram float and lose it when trying to pull it out .......Not a good start ! then i took 2 mosquito bites on my hand and neck , this is not getting much better when my 4 gram rig got caught in the tree and the bottom line snapped ....anything else ? I took 10 bleak in 30 minutes !! they were hard to catch .

took a walk and Jimmy was on peg2

Lena on 3

Pierre on 4

Rolf on 5

Johan on 6 'End peg master '

The match was over so quick , for me the bleak only came good in the last hour and i amassed 186 only !! . I must have took 130 of them in the last 40 minutes !! but for some reason they were not consistent thro' the day , unbelievable for Fyrisan.

1 roach and 186 Bleak   3.45 kilos and 3rd

Jimmy with proper fish and 2,95 kilos

Pierre with 4,3 kilos and 1st

Rolf with 3,5 kilos and 2nd

Nice of the girls to show their rowing strengths

186 for the day from me on a water that normally you can have 700-1100 bleak in 4 hours.

Good news : i got my 6gram float and the olivette back    :-))