Monday, 22 October 2012

2012 - Acksjon , a trout water.

Change of fishing for me as recently i have been interested in trout fishing influenced by a good friend ; Per Magnusson whom i have worked with at Scania RCIE . We had previously trout fished one evening some 3 weeks ago and i found the art of casting very frustrating as i expected it to be easy , however it is a different science to the normal competition fishing which i am more accustomed to. Since the first visit to Acksjon i have managed a lesson in fly casting with Per's friend Stig and it helped for sure as today's visit was a improvement on my first introduction.
(my first visit actually seen me drain Per's collection of fly's by 6 !! , so i need to improve on the losses   )

We arrived at the car park and the walk to the lakes takes about 15 minutes , once there you have to negotiate very damp ground with slippery rocks , but is worth getting there to see this : -

The day ended with both of us not catching yet Par had two takes and no luck . The weather deteriorated near to the end of the day as the steady drizzle became rain.
Only lost 2 flys' ....... i must be getting better :-)

            But i hope to be back again before the end of the year - With a new rod and reel !!

                                      LATER ! 23rd October .......................

Par delivered my new rod a ORVIS Clearwater 9' 6 Wt and ORVIS Encounter IV reel.

Big thanks to Par !

Sunday, 14 October 2012

2012 - Fyrisan River Series and last match number 5

The final match of the series awaited the 10 who took on this last gathering as we met on a cold morning in Upsala. The series has been superb testing different areas of the towns river system (but technically its a canal) . Todays match took place on the canoe section where the water was more streamy and boily in parts . Unfortunately without our prior knowleadge the water was to be shared with a huge competition of orienteering taking place that weekend . We experienced alot of runners behinds us and later people racing on mountain bikes but worse was they all came buy in canoes , so things were not so quite   :-((

The match series is sponsored by Swedbait and this is the first year of the competitions conception devised by MAU stalwart  Johan Tikanen . Next year we hope to continue the success of the series and expand it even more.
Big thanks to all the 16 people who have fished the competition and hopefully return next year .
Talking with Johan we are possibly thinking of running some large weekend competitions or possible a festival as the town has everything , accomadation , easy parking and of course great surroundings.

Net year we will add further sponsorers to this competition and increase prizes etc....

The Match  ...........


Johan in his usual organising way talked to the field of competitors on this the final match of the Series :(

My mix for the day was to go for quite a dark mix so i used several bags of Mondial ,VDE and TopMix with 2 bags of Black dispersing Trapper Leam.

Nice view from my peg of the lagenhets near by , nice place to live !! - The runners were just on their circuit so there was plenty happening today on the Fyris.

What a beautiful river section this is - reminds me alot of the river soar back in the UK

The match started and i placed 10 hard balls on the 13m pole line and a few on the 5m line

I caught a roach after 5 minutes by placing mywhip on the box holder and took a coffee , while that happened i had an indication and a fish  ! ....good start . I did that for the first 30 minutes and took 4 roach . Then i tried the 13m line where i used a 8gram EA2004 on a long line and took a roach on the first cast then started to place the pole in the holder and go for that approach and it yielded me 2 more roach.

Then for the rest of the match i caught on 5 metres 'trotting' the float slowly River Soar/Trent style and eventually ended up with 21 roach . The day was made worse by streams of canoeists running over everyones baited areas , there was nothing we could do about it .

Weigh in time and 3 skimmers for 300 grms for Krazy.

The orienteering was still going on as we started to weigh the bank.

Tom had it hard as his pole line was continually bombarded by the paddles of the canoeists.

Hasse had no fish till 30 minutes from the end when he took 4 on the quivertip

It was so nice to fish moving water.

What fish we caught were in great condition . Here is Rolf's catch , note that fine ide.

Super redfins

Jimmy with a nice catch

Right next to the water to live there.

2nd place on the day just short by 120 grams

We had a real heavy rain shower at the end with hailstones then the sun came out !

Presentations of the days match and Rold gets his money for 2nd place.

Jimmy takes the 3rd place

Johan sorted out prizes for Junior Johan from the Trosa SFK

Percy with his medal awards

Lena and ever present in the competition.

Medals time

Pierre who should have won this River Series with 3 wins to his name but did not manage a good result on the last day. I was shocked to have won .

Rolf with more money to his name

Lucky for me to take the trophy considering Rolf and Pierre were so close . Rolf only needed another 130 grams over me and he would have taken the trophy home , next year Rolf    :-))

A few at to leave early but the remainder posed for a photo

The River Series over for this year and definately to be carried on next year as Uppsala has proven to be a hit amongst the anglers . I personally have enjoyed the friendship and the surroundings along the river length running thro' the town , the place is so idyllic.

See you next year on the Fyrisan !

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

2012 - October 7th , Sunday , DM match and i am a guest

Having watched the previous days action of the silver fish fest i could not refuse an invite from our great friends the TROSA SFK of Percy , Hasse ,Johan Axman and Stef ......not forgetting young Johan .
The previouse day had realised weights into the mid-20's kilos with very few low weights. How will it fish today on yet another glorious Autumn days weather ?

They pegged me at the end about 20 metres from the match . A man and his dog came by and the dog pissed on my rod bag ! Was this a bad omen ?

To my right and the start of the pegging . What a gorgeous place this Trosa is , there is so much fishing here , it really is a dream for a match angler ..

My Menu for the day was VDE Turbo ,Natur and Special with dead maggot and corn .
I rigged up 1 x 3m , 2 x 4m ,1 x 5m ,1 x 6m whips using DINO 'Scandanavian' 3 ,4 and 5gram floats also kitted out using 1 x 6m EA2004 and 1 x 8gram EA2004 . The flow was really hard so holding back was essential . The first 1 hour was quiet for me with only about 10 fish but the match length got better the further the pegging went towards the harbour . In the last 3 hours alot of skimmer ,Bjorkna and Roach were taking corn at crazy depths , sometimes as soon as it hit the surface !! I bagged heavily at only 3metres and was launching out fish i would normally lift out with a landing net .

DINO Scandanavian 


Dog Roach !

The nets got heavier


My net with an estimated 23-25 kilos ......fantastic fishing !

An amazing 220 kilos of fish were caught between  12 anglers . The top rods were :