Sunday, 29 August 2010


Will travel back to U.K. sometime before Xmas and i want to visit BENWICK SPORTS fishing tackle shop plus other shops but in particulat must go and visit BS.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

DM1 - organised by Bob Nudd of the Constellation SFK - recent qualifiers to the World club championships in Serbia next year

Today its a DM match first of three matches to qualify to the SM next year. Today it takes place in Liljeholmen which is best described as a Appartment block haven liberally placed amongst blocks of commerce buildings and in the dock area are moored many boats of all sizes . The day was beautiful be it a little windy and many people were walking on the footpath at the rear of where we are fishing.
Constellation SKF are the organisers of this DM series and leading organiser is Bob Nudd (Johan Tikkanen)

Top-rod Bodmiester preparing the GEERS for the day

My bait table dead and live maggot ,hemp ,worm .

Great view over the water

just before the start

Match over and its weighing time .......end peg supremo in the 'elite' section is Kenneth

Mats ......his 4th trip out this season after a 10 year break

Tommy Ostland better known as steady Tom but very similar to Steve Gardner

Stevie Ostland Gardner with 2nd best weight of the day .....6.3 kilos

Roger Shipp with 6 kilos of mostly bleak

Rolf took over 3 kilos

Organiser Bob Nudd lifting up his days efforts

Top swedish angler Lars Boden took the day with over 9 kilos - great angling from the GEERS/COLMIC Constellation  man.

Great day  !......with the match room boys taking top 4 slots all above 6 kilos its evident that there knowledge prowess shone through.......maybe next time i sort out my groundbait mix better

Check out new blog from Tim at Jakobsberg

Read his article ......he is in the early stages of documenting his fishing in Sweden .....he is certainly a welcome guest to the match and pleasure fishing out for more from TIM

Sunday, 15 August 2010

2010 Sodertalje kanal and bagging with Bob Nuddtanen

Sunday 15th August and another meeting with Bob down at the Sodertalje kanal. Weather was expected to be a little rain , but it never happened it was just pleasantly a little refreshing breeze after the hot humid weather of recent. I was there setting up at 8 and Bob came at 9 . I started fishing and caught right the way with continuous roach of good size.

4 whips set up at 8 7 6 and 5 metre.

Milo Texiers and Preston floats were chosen set at depths of 5.5 to 3 meters deep

Maggots and worms with corn plus 4mm pellets and Tares.

Mondial BIO mix with Trapper Golden blend and alot of hemp

All ready !

Johan setting up 7 metre Bolo and a few long whips of 10 and 9 metres

Bobs latest Bolo Sensas float

During the day a snake swam by and Bob netted it ......its a ' SNOK' .....water snake !

Bob netting a good bream

Bob out on the 11m metres whip

Nuddy with a brace of bream plus roach for 8.5 kilos

Mostly roach and a brace of bream for 13 kilos. Had alot of fish on corn but also caught good on tare and 6mm Sonu green pellet .

Monday, 9 August 2010

ORSA (Swedens equivalent to Whiteacres) - PART 1


Fredrik 'Alan' Andersson (Sweden's Alan Scotthorne) and myself booked into the 2 day competition at Orsa organised by top-club : FK MATCH. - This venue has been spoken about as being potentially a great match fishing festival venue as it also has many lakes in the area plus an incredible fast flowing river that looks similar to the Rivers ,severn and Trent in the U.K.........this river according to Jorgen Storm is full of Dog-Dace,Ide,dog-roach and Bream and Bjorkna......a havern for any English stick-float anglers. ........catches of 20-40 kilos of Dace are common !!
Travelled on the friday evening to Orsa which is well north in Sweden's Dalarna area , also better known for its holiday skiing. It took the best part of 4 hours to get there from where i live in Sodertalje but it was worth the journey as the area is so picturesque. The Orsa holiday park itself is set next to lakes surrounded by trees where Stugas and caravans are staggered amongst the trees. The site has facilities for entertainment ,restaurant and bar.......just like the Cornish-Mecca
On the site is an all purpose match fishing venue created on a wooden walkway with plenty of room to pass through your pole behind. The venue itself is between 1.7 to 3 m deep populated with lily pads and grasses , the venue width varies from 30-45 m wide. The species are Bream,Roach,Bleak,Perch,Tench,Crucian.......NO CARP !......(Not yet!)

Looking up the venue everywhere was calm with odd fish rising on the early morning mist.

About 40 metres out on peg 7 looking back to the meeting tent

End peg 21 ..........looks really nice and better for casting waggler on the far side as its more narrower.

In the mix with Alan Andersson

People contemplating the day ahead the background the refreshment tent

A great weekend needs great bait and it does'nt come any better and fresher than Russel and Tommys bait

The man, the myth, the Legend,the 70's P*rn star.........ROCK-ON TOMMY


Kenneth started the proceedings with the rules and details

Kenneths wife assisted with the coffee and hot-dogs , Jorgen was secretary.

The draw commenced !

One by one the draw bag was emptied

Where did i draw? .........second peg out ....peg 2 .....HA-HA big walk of 20 metres

Set up for the day was :
3 pole tops of 0.5 gr Colmic float 0.12/0.10 20s hook
0.75gr float Tamas walter 0.13/0.10 18 VMC bronze
1,0 gr float Tamas walter 0.13 thro to 14s Tubertini
7m MILO Tyson whip 3gr Texier Milo to 0.13/14s hook
7m TRIANA FX449 3gr Texier Milo to 0.13/16s hook
PRESTON 14' waggler, Exner 10gr float .....14s hook
PRESTON 15' waggler, MIDDY feeder float (from the 90's)

The usual business

Preperation complete ........many of the anglers would not ball;it in on the pole line but catapult the waggler line .......the water was gin-clear so the fish were expected to be easily spooked.

Practice the waggler before the kick off on peg 3