Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 May Norrkoping .... and better weather than the year before!

NORRKÖPING- Home of Swedens best Bream festival -

The GOOD ,the BAD , the UGLY.........i will not say who is the ugly !

Holst-miester in the 'Mix' .......He always tells me to use dark groundbait !.....looks like light groundbait to me ?

secret additives ....ummmmm!

Swedish angler looking happy with himself

Benni in the ' Mix '

Another happy swedish angler

Folke with a nice slab

Stu Conroy formerley known as Kent Adell

Freddan with a Preston net full

The Larssonator with a can of WUPP-ASS!

Keepnets taking the strain

Holst on the ladder feature peg

Not this year Björn !

Stu with a nice 'dustbin lid'

Christer with a first day section win

Swedens Alan Scotthorne formerley known as Freddan

Nice slab from Stu

Happiness !

The winner is ...........The 'HOLST'


Friday, 25 December 2009

2008 + 2009 Norrkoping - will 119.5 kilos be bettered in 2010?

In 2008 and 2009 the weekend bream festivals did not fish to its known potential.
Before 2008 the best weight recorded was 119.5 kilos by Stefan Holst of the Jokers angling club.
Weights in 2008 reached 76 kilos and in the 50's for 2009, even though thro 2008 and 2009 most people averaged 35-45 kilos each, it still did'nt throw up the weights that this canal can give.
HIT the link to view a whole selection of pictures from 2008 , great photography , courtesy of Björn Berg of Jokers A.C.
also see full report from 2008 in

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

2009 december TACKLE ROOM TIDY UP

Its is snowing like hell outside ,almost 30 cm !!! no fishing for a while . So !......the room needs a tidy !

Everything on the floorBoxes everywhereGroundbait supply almost exhaustedRods and whips need to be put away
whips on the wall stand need to be dismantledstock take required

Rigs looking messy and out of place
2nd draw also messy

Cralussos as they were made in June ....not used this year !More cralussos

All Cralussos

Winter rig tieing material

Slide draw of the SX .....needs a little clean
More floats for winter rigging
Whip rigs need to be renewed

Bait fridge

Still a little hook bait left thinks i will freeze the little buggers
Had these since June ....fantastic worms from Russ in Borlange