Thursday, 24 December 2015

2015 - XMAS EVE (Christmas swedish day)

Swedens Xmas day started with breakfast  , muesli , lingon berry and yogurt

.......mid morning i took a stroll to the canal area , to reminisce .

Also ham and hard bread with mustard !

 Mid morning we had traditional rice pudding with Lingon and honey

Mid morning it was Swedish traditional rice pudding and cinnamon with a little honey

Friday, 4 December 2015


Last of the Winter league (6) and the team were really geared up for a return to a position that we had attained earlier in the series when we had a 4th . So everyone wanted to irradiate the last match 8th position out of our minds and gain a respectful result. How would we fair ?

For my troubles i drew peg 71 at Sutton Bonnington and the walk was certainly respectable however the Soar lane resembled a bog after the day's end. Thats Winter fishing !

To my left i had Sam Merry and to my right was Stu Timpson proprietor of Bennets Tackle Mountsorrel .

The weather was very windy with expected gale force winds to 60mph ! So there was much debate whether anybody would get their pole out ! Sam did not and decided to use two feeder rods for his days work. I myself preferred 3 rigs , one for the Perch and animals and 2 at 1.5gr fishing fine to 0.08 / 20 and 22's . My attack consisted of SENSAS Lake / Super Black with a decilitre of floro pinkies and a few fine chopped worms with a few hundred casters with 25% leam . 6 balls only and decided since its the last match i would go for a positive approach even though the previous match had yielded low weights in the area.

Before the start my roost had blown over so i started to lay the rigs down but then changed to my right side with all the rigs on the floor !

My office which looks inviting and it is noted for some bream in the area .

The match was peppered with showers and they were not heavy just uncomfortable . My match started with inserting my 6 balls in at 10m and starting on the feeder for 15 mins which yielded nothing then i noticed Stu to my right took three small fish so my interest was high and i replaced the feeder with the pole and had fish straight the way on single / double pinkies . I caught well through out the day and took a nice skimmer of 10oz and Perch of about 6oz with lots of small roach and gudgeon. At the end of the match my fish counter read 74 for 4-4-8

3rd to weigh in was Stu.

Sam took a few nice sample for 4-13-8

 Back at the HQ

John K - Clive - John H

MAS finished 5th on the day that supported by a excellent 22lb by Lee who caught a 18.5lb Carp on peg 2 of the 1860 section.!

TEAM - MAS presented Brian Hull who was retiring from organising the Winter League with a signed card from all the guys and a box of goodies.

Stu's Bennets had a great league and have risen through the ranks and are a team to be watched.

Individual champion for the 5th time was Quorn AC Top rod , Tony Marshall.

See you on the Greenhill AC waters Brian.