Monday, 26 July 2010


Monday 26th July after we should have fished but the weather was appalling. Decided to go for the Sodertalje Kanal in the usual places and would meet up with Bob Nudd ( if he could get out of bed ?)

Everything ready - 4 whips set up with a take aprt pole

Groundbait choice is GEERS 'Skimmer-mix' with roasted hemp mix from TRAPPER. Mixed in a little dead maggot with 2mm Sonu-baits pellets.

Whip rigs were Milo Texier floats of 3-5gram

Whips were MILO 7M ,SENSAS VICARO 5M plus TRIANA whips.

Wind was a little strong at the start

Bob came later and got into Bream and skimmers .

Bob playing one of his best fish

End of the day for me and almost a full bucket of fish ........3 proper bream plus some skimmers and Bjorkna and roach ,perch.

Small boat passing thro

End of day !........just got to pack it all away !

Bob with several kilos

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Tied 2 Preston floats of 3,0 and 5,0 gr for the long whip

Right hand side : 3 x Tamas Walter 1.0gr and Colmic 0.75,1,0 and 1,5gr plus 2 Sensas 1,0 gr Desque .........and drank 2 beers doing it .Up at 6 tomorrow for the trip to Sodertalje kanal (6 minutes travelling )........will fish a 12 hour session and hopefully Nuddy will turn up instead of being wasted from Falling-down-juice

iberian master2010 jacopo falsini carpa 4kilos


Monday, 19 July 2010

SCANIA LAKE 2010 JULY 20TH and aNUDDudda day out with Nuddy from the CONSTELLATION FISHING CLUB

SCANIA LAKE AGAIN !!!!......convinced Nuddy to go there after my spectacular 19 bream last weekend.............we met about mid-day - ish ........i had one good bream on the pellet feeder by the time Bob Nudd's brother got there.

Pole fishing again also with the 2 rigs of 0.65gr float to 0.10 bottom and 16's VMC Bronze hook being held by a Preston blue hollow.......other rig the same but straight thro on 0.13 and a 14's VMC bronze
Superb day again with a freshening wind
Mr Nudd showing off his new GEERS bowls .....must get some as they were quality

Mr Nudd soon got into fishing and took a few roach straight the way
Un-hooking another
Nuddy explaining the ideal size of womens breasts !!

Smile fo the camera

Not much from me good bream and several skimmers and a splattering of roach and perch.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Thought i would give the lake a go since it has not performed this year , in fact not really for a few years !......maybe the warm weather has brought them on ?

Pre-baited it last night with 2 kilos of old-stuff and some pellets.

Got there at 7 in the morning after my long journey of 1 minute and 30 seconds !! ......and i could just see a sign or two of some feeding bubbles......ummm ! will it fish ?

2 pole rigs with a bagging rig of 0.13 straight thro to a 16's VMC bronze hook on a Triana 0.5 gr float and a light rig of 0.13/0.10 to a 20's VMC and 0.5 gr Triana float.

Jeeeeeeez , it was hot at 8:00 am , sweat was pouring off me , good job i brought 3 litres of water plus coke plus flask of tea

and a beer !

SONU BAITS - 2MM feed pellets - Green super crush - pellet crush

1st fish on the light rig  !.....2 more came quickly but the fish spooked easy and backed off

Also set up a feeder rig with bomb and maggot

Another one in the net

At 10:00am could not get a bite for over 2 hours .......tried everything.....then the wind came on and so did the fish! ,again !.....set up the minature pellet method feeder with deadly affect

The star photographer of the day plus a butterfly friend who would not leave her !