Tuesday, 23 June 2015

2015 - BURTON ON TRENT and the firs big one of the new season.

First match at Burton on Trent realised a top class turn out for this starter . The meeting room at the Marshlands Sports Club provided the expectants with breakfast and the chance to catch up with fellow anglers not seen for a few months.
             Draw time and i plucked Peg 10 at Andressey which i knew nothing about and then i was guided to Sherrats section after missing a turning in town. So not the best start for me as i was later told i must gain a COORS pass card which i heard about at the draw a little through the noise. So i went back to the draw venue and gained a card and was escorted to the COORS building and got to my peg with 40 minutes to go before the start.
             I was still setting up 10 minutes into the match and i ran through a stick float and on second cast i had a bite and missed it , for the next 20 minutes it was continuous bites but NOTHING ? So i changed immediately to a 20's hook to 0.09 and fished on and 5 minutes later i had a small chub which in the current felt like a LB fish but it was only a 6oz unit. A further 10 minutes later i struck and it went solid and the tip started to bump , this is bigger , several seconds later it spat the hook , sh*t !
             I finally realised the best method was to trot waggler or stick some 20 yards down and inch it down slowly inducing a bite. Half way through the match with only 1 chub and two roach i struck on the slightest of bites and it was a decent fish on that would not concede and it took like an age to get its head up was a Grayling ! The match after that was stuggle but i manage further 7 bits to end up with 11 fish for exactly 2LB !
             Great day really even though the fishing was poor but the local lads said its a slow starter plus a bit of rain was in the river and also the summer has not really started. There is always the next match .


Massive congratulations to COORS AC for a great days organisation and i look forward to more matches over the coming few months.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


First match of the 2015-16 season and match secretary John Kilby with me as the assistant match secretary are hoping to build up the match scene to a higher level of attendance. The first of the year started at the Thurlaston moat and unfortunately i was late getting there , sorry John , poor excuse but i was up till 2 in the morning due to a late meeting with co-director Vince Callaghan talking sales , stock and promotions.
John had pegged out and unfortunately the back part of the moat had grown over on several pegs so access was minimal , however it was peg 15 chosen to be pegged and its exactly the peg i won of last year and guess what ? , i drew it again .
I really fancied pegs 2 , 3 and 6 and 7 area so i know i would have to go hard at it to compete with them.
I did notice however there was many carp splashing in the lily pads , breeding it certainly was , does that mean a bad day .........lets us see ?

 Draw time , the expectants waited with anticipation.

 After using a machete through the jungle i managed to reach my peg and got prepared ......does that not look nice !?

 The rest of lads were well ready and also experiencing many carp sexual activities , i thought there was few carp left in this moat , i think not !

The match started strangely and i entered 5 balls of ground bait using SENSAS skimmer mix with hemp and dead maggots to 2 positions along the reed line opposite and 5 metres out and to my left one metre out.
First 15 minutes yielded just 2 Perch  :(  ...... umm , i changed to caster and caught a small Rudd . Several Perch followed later but still no sign of Tench , Crucian or Roach and Rudd . After one hour i shortened a rig and dropped a float 6 inches short of the bottom in front of the reeds on double caster and the float went down followed by a surge out of the weeds and my 5-8 SENSAS Hollow elastic was 1 and half pegs away in no time at all . It stayed on for at least a minute as i just hung on playing on 5 meters however the hook was shed. Dismayed i went in again and a small perch was a consolation prize . 5 minutes later the same again and that fish also shed the hook , two carp , i think so. hour later after a walk to see how the other lads were doing i decided to fish close to the bank to my left and after 2 Perch i hooked a large fish , it came up to the surface in 5 seconds and i landed this wet sack of a chub of about 2lb , bonus fish !
   The rest of the match was a struggle and i only ended up with 17 fish ! The lake was a sex pool and the fish were drugged on the milt and roe that had been given off so it did not matter if you put ice-cream on the hook they were not up for it .

 Richard Davenport on peg 6 on the search.

My Bonus fish of the day

 Poor return yet next weekend you could easily get 30lb of this peg.

 Membership secretary Ed Medcalf took a flying visit.

 3-7 took the first place but felt fortunate to gain good bonus

 3-2 john Kilby in 2nd

Monday, 1 June 2015

2015 - 31st May a day out with the WIGSTON AC committee on our waters.

Sunday seen a few good guests from the Wigston AC who wished to experience the delights of the GAC on the Cosby water . The weather in the morning was quite mild and the weather forecast predicted slight rain . Well , the rain came but it later turned cold and the weather did not help the guest anglers.
 Chairman Bill Hallet took time out to complete some planting at pegs 28 and 29 to make the pool even more beautiful .

The morning proved difficult and the fish what not really having it .

Steve Oakes did the best on peg 20 with some brutes

 Paul Taylor caught as much as he lost . Nice Tench and Perch.

We realised at about 12:00pm the fishing would not get better so we decided to go Thurlaston Lake for a bash !

 Not disappointed was Steve Oakes who caught consistently and had a catch approx .60lb
(The landing net broke and the fish also moved off the keep net but the carp were on soft grass and it was wet and no fish were harmed in this photo )

 Son of Steve is Joe backed by Middy / Dynamite Baits who faired really well with a haul reaching a 100 LB easily with a mixture of F1's , commons and mirrors

 Paul Taylor also had a great catch of about 50lb +

 In 3 hours of fishing the Wigston AC lads had a great time and weights.